Diablo 3 Survival Kit

Einsof Gaming Diablo 3 Survival Kit

Be prepared for the launch of Diablo 3 with our Survival Guide! Do not miss out! Do not get left out!

Survival Steps:

1) Pre-load the Game Client. Download Client from here

2) Click here to add your BattleTag(s) to Einsof Gaming Diablo 3 Community list.

3) Request for your own Party Voice and Text channel on Einsof Gaming's Raidcall Group. FREE! You may also join the rest of us in the General Diablo 3 channel. Download Raidcall from here

RaidCall Group ID: 3540514 or search "Einsof" (Featured Group on RaidCall) at "Games > Other" tab on RaidCall.

4) Blizzard Real Money Auction House: 15% tax cut + USD $1 tax per item + another 15% tax cut to cash out + other tax (paypal fees, etc).

For those who wish to earn FULL Profits: We have an alternative solution for you. You can use our forums to set up your own thread/ store to sell or trade your Diablo 3 Virtual Goods. You can use our Raidcall Diablo 3 Trade Market channel for Live Trading. All for FREE! To learn more, visit: http://einsofgaming.com/d3bazaar

5) Take leave. (Example for an excuse you can use: The world needs a saviour - I heard the calling, I gotta go.)

6) Stock up on finger food and drinks!

7) If applicable: Pamper your wife/ girlfriend and make them happy over the weekend.

8) If applicable: Tell your wife/ girlfriend beforehand that you will be embarking on a glorious journey to save the world from the burning hells for a week or two.

Invite your family and friends to join our Diablo 3 Community! Click here to join Einsof Gaming Diablo 3 Community

Be well prepared and see you on May 15!