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Official Website:
Publisher: Meteor Entertainment
Developer: Adhesive Games
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release Date: 12 December 2012

Guild Info

Guild Name: Einsof
Guild Tag: [EsF]
Guild Main Base: Singapore
Guild Region: Global International
Guild Language: English

Join us in Hawken

Post your application with the format listed below:

Code: [Select]

Recommended: Get onto our Discord server. Some of us will be online daily if you need to contact us. Join our Discord group at



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Re: Hawken
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Adhesive Games has checked their fuel levels, re-supplied their Tow Launchers and generally primed their engines all in preparation for the release of their upcoming Mech FPS, Hawken. After having had a successful few rounds of closed beta testing, Adhesive has decided their new FPS is finally ready for all mech-pilots. Those of you who have still yet to try Hawken can do so starting on December 12th, when the game will be made available worldwide.

The term “Open Beta” has in recent years has in many cases unofficially marked the actual release of the game, with players able to start progressing without fears of further beta wipes. Hawken’s original release date was set for December 12th and now it seems the official launch will be delayed until early 2013.

The good news is Adhesive Games seems committed to staying in touch with the communities feedback. According to Hawken’s Lead animator Chris Lalli: “Open beta is our chance to implement all the good feedback we’ve gotten from closed beta players on the forums, and deliver the changes the community wants to see.”

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Re: Hawken
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The time is almost here! HAWKEN enters Open Beta this coming Wednesday, December 12, 2012. Servers will be coming online at about 12:00 PM PST. The HAWKEN Open Beta launch trailer will premiere at the Inside Gaming Awards, presented by Machinima in Los Angeles, CA on December 8. It will debut on Machinima's YouTube channel and on the following day.

We'd like to extend a big "thank you" to the HAWKEN community for its diligent testing and thoughtful feedback over the past months of Alpha and Closed Beta Events. You are the reason we're here.

With that in mind, let's address some of the common questions you may have about the transition from Closed Beta to Open Beta.

What carries over from Closed Beta to Open Beta?
​To set a level playing field for all pilots, we will be resetting all accounts' progress in HAWKEN before the start of Open Beta. This means you will start HAWKEN with a level 1 Assault mech (unless you joined the Vanguard Initiative).

Will I lose my friends list in the wipe?
We're working to make it so that your account keeps its Closed Beta friends list intact.

Will there be wipes during Open Beta?
No, there should not be any total progress resets after HAWKEN enters Open Beta.

Do we get 4800 Meteor Credits again when Open Beta starts like in Closed Beta?
No, your account will only have an initial balance of Meteor Credits if they were purchased via the Vanguard Initiative.

How soon can we download the Open Beta?
We aim to make the Open Beta client downloadable before the start of the event. More details to come.

Will the Open Beta client require a new installation or can Closed Beta players simply update via the Closed Beta launcher?
The Closed Beta client will update to the Open Beta client. Just run the launcher!

Will there be servers available in my region?
We have servers available in for multiple regions and will be adding more as demand dictates. Current regions include US West, US East, UK, Asia North, Asia South, and Oceania.

Will we be able to delete mechs from the garage?
No, you cannot delete mechs from your garage at this time.

Will Open Beta be playable on platforms other than PC?
At this time, we are focusing on developing HAWKEN for PC.

Will we be able to change callsigns?
We do plan to allow players to change their account callsigns in the near future. This will be a premium service.

When does Open Beta end?
As explained by Adhesive Games Co-Founder and Lead Animator Chris Lalli, Open Beta allows the community to have the ability to shape HAWKEN and be part of its development. We'll have more details on the end of Open Beta when it approaches.

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Re: Hawken
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New Open Beta Trailer!

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Re: Hawken
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Hawken open beta will start in less than 10 hours! Have you enlisted yourself for the beta? Enlist yourself at

For those who wish to join the Guild, please leave your IGN here after creating your character!

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Re: Hawken
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Get your free 7000+ Hawken Credits by redeeming this promo code at the Hawken website.

Promo Code:
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Re: Hawken
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code does not work try it already

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Re: Hawken
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code does not work try it already

Maybe expire already coz it works for me :(

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Re: Hawken
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“Double HC” Weekends
Start: Friday, December 21 at 12:00 PM PST (GMT -8)
End: Monday, December 24 at 12:00 PM PST (GMT -8)

Start: Friday, December 28 at 12:00 PM PST (GMT -8)
End: Monday, December 31 at 12:00 PM PST (GMT -8)

Starts at 4 AM GMT+8/ SG time on Saturday and end on Tuesday 4 AM GMT+8/ SG time

During this time, your mechs will earn you HAWKEN Credits at double the normal rate. If you have an HC Boost active, that means quadruple the normal rate!

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Re: Hawken
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My in game name is 2Legit and I am interested in joining your Hawken clan. I'm from the states and live near Seattle. I play many games besides Hawken as well.

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Re: Hawken
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Grab your FREE Hawken credits! 5000 credits from each code.

HAWKENPAXEAST (valid after 3/22/2013)
HAWKENSXSW (valid after 3/8/2013)
HAWKENGDC (valid after 3/22/2013)