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[Official] Einsof League of Legends Team (On-Hold)

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Hi guys, as you know, League of Legends one of the most popular MOBAs around and i know there are many LoL players in the guild.

We are planning to put together a team of people to represent the guild. However, everything will be casual until we are actually ready to go competitive. So feel free to just sign up and we'll see how far this takes us.

--- Quote ---How to sign up

Summoner name:
Most experienced role: ADc/APc/Fighter/Tank/Support/Jungler
Competitive experience: yes/no

*!* Please post your MOST experienced or comfortable role.

--- End quote ---

After signing up, please regularly check your PM to see whether you've been included in the team.  8)

*!* Garena LoL ONLY


--- Quote ---Team Einsof

Bruiser/Top Lane: Remidis
APc/Mid Lane:
ADc/Bot Lane: iGar
Support: Pony
Jungler: Haiz

--- End quote ---

*!* List is highly tentative and is subjected to change~

Summoner name: Haiz
Most experienced role: Junglers like Maokai, Nunu, Chogath, Jarvan IV etcetc
Competitive experience: none

Name : aspiremaniac
most experince
Tanker : Malphite
AD/Support : Gangplank

sry repost

Summoner name: Zetsuna
Most experienced role: AD (Rengar/Diana/Ashe/Garen)
Competitive experience:NiL


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