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--- Quote ---Now... I notice a lot of people have been repeatedly asking the same stuff so now I'll clarify them
1. There's no news about season 2 yet, like we've already said tons of times. When (if) S2 is announced we'll post the news + link on the page, so (please) stop asking about this.
And also, please refrain from spreading false rumors about season 2 without a reliable source. What I mean is, even if you hear about season 2, ask that person for the source first instead of getting all excited and immediately start spreading it around. Just saying, but I'd rather that people continue waiting for news about season 2, rather than getting all happy from a fake S2 rumor and then later on finding out that there's actually no S2
2. We have no idea what Kirito said at the end of the last ep :P
 True, it might be a teaser to season 2, but it can also be a form of audience-input. Meaning, the audience can guess for themselves what Kirito might have said
3. Suguha's official (yes, OFFICIAL) ALO character name is Leafa, not Lyfa. Stop making arguments about her name
That's all, sorry for the lengthy post :P
--- End quote ---

Source: Taken from facebook sword art online post

Mmm... Hope got season 2.. anyway that SAO FB page is not official one.. is fan made.

just dun get the hopes high lor


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