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General Anime discussion thread! (LATEST: Winter list released!)


Hi guys, im sure that many of you watch anime here, so i thought it would be a great idea to create a thread dedicated to anime!

Anyway let's get the ball rolling.

With this season's anime coming to an end, winter's anime list has been released, see any anime you're interested in?

Winter anime chart (note that list is highly tentative and indecisive companies:

Here are my picks for this season:

Tamako Market (It's by KyoAni, no other reasons needed)
Vivid Red Operation (Girls, mechs and guns)
Hellsing X (For the hellsing fans)


seems like not much interesting ones :(

Oh... there's D.A Capo season 3!!! Probably that will be the only anime I will be following...

Any moe anime is an anime worth watching  ::)


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