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Author Topic: My thoughts on the incident with I.N.K  (Read 1187 times)

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My thoughts on the incident with I.N.K
« on: January 01, 2013, 09:52:31 PM »
Gonna post this not in my capacity as part of the guild council but as a normal member.


I might not have joined the guild in AoW til now due to my life commitments but i still keep a close watch on the forums.

About this incident, FIRST i should say that both sides are at fault.

I wan to highlight the point of our guild not pking on purpose. As such, the apologise by our member to I.N.K is splendid. I applaud. However, even if we do not pk on purpose, we should not be afraid of others who wants to declare war on us.

Yes the single pk incident did escalate into a mass guild pk. But I.N.K did not communicate with us first about the incident to solve it properly. As such, personally i do not feel that it is fair nor correct that our guild has to publicly apologise. We also did not initiate the server wide declaration on KOS of I.N.K's members.

To end, if any such incidents(snatching of farm spots or mass PKing due to a small and almost insignificant incident) happen again, please try to talk to the other person first to let them noe that you were actually using it.

To emphasize, WE as EINSOF DO NOT PK others purposely. But this does NOT mean we are afraid of others declaring war on us. Also, to all guild council members, Einzo stepped down as he does not have much time to commit to the game so do not use this incident's punishment as a rule to future incidents with other officers. It is not a neccessity that one step down due to one incident. We all learn from mistakes however grave it may be.

You may or may not agree with me on this. As topic says its just my thoughts.

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