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If you get PKed ...........
« on: January 08, 2013, 12:28:40 PM »
Please, please, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take screenshots when you get PKed (if you want the guild to get involved). I'm all behind you guys in the game, but please understand that without evidence, I can't march up to another guild's Guild Leader and start pointing fingers. I am 100% willing to stand up for you guys, but I need to be given weapons to fight with, and these weapons would have to be provided by you guys. Therefore, I'm counting on you! I won't be able to do anything without your help T_T

On that note, are we really being attacked by Vietnamese players (ie. VietUnited, ThienDiaHoi)? I've been hearing things that people tell me, but I have no solid facts to work with. Some people are telling me that "everyone knows Viets are indiscriminate PKers," but that's way too vague. Who from our guild has been PKed?  By which guild specifically?  Because I don't want this to turn into a racist thing that goes like, "oh you have a Vietnamese name, you must be a PKer, I'll kill you right here right now."  I want solid proof, such as screenshots of your death record, or even screenshots of the actual happening. Based on that, then I can move. And I'm just saying, I AM willing to go to war "with the Viets," as soon as I get good evidence to justify my declaration of war and I understand exactly WHO it is that is our enemy.

Thank you everyone for cooperating! =)
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Re: If you get PKed ...........
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I have been PKed indiscriminately by HyunDe member this morning with a NinjaTurtle beside her. I was also stunned to find Fury member PK-ing me for no rhyme or reason. Weird....

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Re: If you get PKed ...........
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Most if the time all guilds have a fee troublemakers, even for a righteous guld. With evidence, the other guild would be able to understand that there is a troublemaker among their ranks.