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Official Announcement: New Allies!
« on: January 08, 2013, 02:32:55 PM »
Hey guys, we have new allies! Aside from Annihilation, our new allies are Kakis and KoJo. Therefore, be nice to them! Don't PK them, don't attack their escorts, and don't kidnap their members please =)

It's not all just "do nots" though. KoJo has a lot of ingame events, and they welcome Einsof members to participate. Examples include a PVP tournament after script stealing on Saturdays (ingame Saturday) and team tag. They're actually really creative with the ingame mechanisms XD Talk to me if you're interested!

One thing to note, though. KoJo is in a dicey situation with NinjaTurtles, so if their base gets attacked, let's go defend their base! However, we ourselves are not at war with NinjaTurtles, so do NOT kill them on sight. KoJo does not seem to have a lot of interaction with the Viets, so they have no stance on that.

Kakis is another SG guild, and they're quite similar to us. As fellow SGs, let's get along well together ^^ They are don't have as much stuff going on, but their members are also quite active. If you see them ingame, say hi and do stuff together! =)

A final note. Us being allies does not mean that we completely share 100% of their point on view, and it does not mean that our policies are the exact same as theirs. For example, just being KoJo is on bad terms with NinjaTurtles does not automatically mean that we should also be on bad terms with NinjaTurtles. In fact, let's also be nice to NinjaTurtles, OK? Therefore, please do ask me, Mion, Wuming, or Gael if you need confirmation on anything. Thank you!

"After all, shounen manga's message to us isn't friendship, hard work, and victory. It's that those with power are the ones to win in the end. It's the pinnacle of cruel realities. You can have friends if you have power. You can work hard if you have power. You can be victorious if you have power."

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Re: Official Announcement: New Allies!
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Kono.. You keep missing out on the assistant officers.. WangCongYang, Phyllisgal and Zhan.Zhao can be approached too.