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Official Website: http://www.blackdesertonline.com
Publisher: Daum
Developer: Pearl Abyss
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release Date: Early 2016
Guild Server: North America (NA)

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The World

Black Desert Online is a seamless MMORPG, so there is no loading involved except when you are joining instances. They also revealed the climate and weather system, each region has a unique weather and climate that players will have to adapt too. For example, in the desert area players can raise a Camel and mine areas. In warm climate areas players will be able to farm and fish. Then there are areas that will be stormy, snowing, raining, typhoon, sunny, and etc. For example, if the climate of an area is very cold then it will start to snow or rain.

Players will be able to adventure by solo play, party playing, field raids, normal raids, raid dungeons, chasing, defense kind of games, siege warfare, guild vs guild, and a lot of cool other features.

Housing System

Since Black Desert Online is a semi-sandbox MMORPG, players will be able to build their houses in certain areas or rent places in cities or towns. They will also be able to purchase their houses through the auction house system. The house is fully customizable and can be filled with all kinds furnitures! The more objects and furnitures your place, the more NPC's will often stop by and become friendly with you. Like cooking? No problem, just set down the right furniture's and you can get started on cooking! The housing areas is limited so it's best to get your house early as possible. Though they said that they are implementing something so that players who join late in the game will have a chance in owning their own house through the "Reverse system." It kind of reminds me ArcheAge because there are a lot of players who started the game late and doesn't have a place to set their house down. If you're too poor to afford a house, you'll be able to get by just fine with a the tent system.

Mounts & Possible Breeding System

Black Desert offers a wide variety of mounts ranging from horses, camels, elephants, donkeys, and carts. Pearl Abyss is still debating on whether or not they should add a breeding system in the game where players can breed certain mounts into special ones.

Trading System

The game also offers a trading system where players will be able to travel and trade goods from all over the world. Players can craft special items in certain areas and trade and deliver it to the other areas of the map.

Combat System

Black Desert offers two kinds of combat styles, the first one is the original third person mode that plays a bit similar to your action games like Vindictus, Continent of the Ninth, and Tera Online. The other combat mode is a bit similar to your average FPS game, or to make things easier to understand, it is a along the lines of The Elder Scroll series, where you can run around and fight in first person or third person mode. The latest trailer also showcases fighting and chasing down monsters while you're on a mount, which is cool. I've noticed that are a couple classes now which are Fighter, Magician, Archer, Predator, Tamer, Blader, Male Archer, Female Fighter(Valkyrie), and Male Wizard.

source: steparu



Last month, rumor said that the western publisher for both North American and European versions of Black Desert will be a "familiar one". When the western fans were still guessing who the familiar one is, Black Desert's Korean publisher Daum Communications announced that they will publish Black Desert in NA & EU market as well because of copyright.

The Korea-based company, Daum, should not be new to people who have been keeping up with black desert news (since they have hosted two closed beta events of Black Desert Korea), but for those who don't know Daum is a web portal in South Korea, like Naver and Nate. Daum offers all sorts of services to its "netizens" (web users) like a popular free web-based e-mail, messaging service, forums, shopping and news. Daum officially marched into the game publishing industry in 2011 and is also the publisher of many online games in Korea including PlanetSide 2 and Winning Putt.

In conclusion, publishers for the following regions have been confirmed:

Korea: Daum
North America: Daum
Europe: Daum
Russia: GameNet.ru

The third closed beta of Black Desert Korea is scheduled in this August or Sepember and Korean open beta will come 2-3 months right after the third closed beta (CBT) ended.


Testing out the game now~!


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