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I think some people were concerned that they might not get what they want in instances and were looking into the possibility of having a point system to distribute the loot that drops. My experience is that AoW and say, WoW are different, in that they don't lock you out, so you can basically do many runs, and hence with sufficient runs, you'd get what you want.

In the malaysia cubi server, no one ever fights over recipes, or buys them for obscene amounts of money, because everyone understands its just a matter of time. If you're really keen, you'd simply talk to the person who won it and buy from him. This is a philosophical thing, which perhaps is not the same thing here. We'd have to come to some consensus eventually, but just saying, I'd not be keen to support a complex system that just makes the whole thing too serious.

That being said, I understand that recipes are always touchy at the start as there are always carrots to chop. So my suggestion is recipes could be priced at a fixed amount each, and that people who attend, are rolling for their mains get first dibs to buy it outright. The money can then go to the guild.

Alternatively, the other loot system,  is more complex and takes much more organisation and is based on the premise that the guild is tightly knit, and that there is a well-oiled system of churning gear out efficiently with people specialising in farming specific mats for enhancements (eg, im a master hunter that skins x 2), that can gear up serious members of the guild. So in a sense there will be real "guild crafters" who are committed to churn out the gear for the guild.

Flying skills, on the other hand, should definitely be free for all, with the understanding that if you already won one, (eg. Ucanius hehe...) then you shouldn't roll for it if they drop. Limited Jianghu skills, like heartless blade and stuff should always be FFA. Trust me, I've come out of many 24 man raids empty handed.

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