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[Guide] How to get <<Eternal Link of The Stars>> Title
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Re: [Guide] How to get <<Eternal Link of The Stars>> Title
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【Secret Tech】Guide to obtaining Eternal Link of Stars title in 5 Minutes
It is not difficult to obtain a chain combo of 1000 hits just through using normal attacks. Normally nobody is able to train a group of mobs and utilize AoE to complete the 1000 hit chain; either you or the mobs run out of hp.

Thus someone invented a neat trick of using the mobs' auto-regen function to complete this title challenge.

Press 'U', go to the Jianghu achievements tab and you will find there are three levels of this title challenge: 100, 400 and 1000 combo respectively.

100 hits chain is not difficult as a person can easily pass this challenge by soloing an instance, but 1000 hits requires the use of a little trick.

To achieve the title, you must first travel to the Bronze Crane Platform of King Wu's Tomb in Suzhou.

Eternal Link of Stars

To begin, you need to have two skills with 2 sec cooldown timers. If you are unable to find one with your school's martial skills, then travel to a beginning town to purchase a normal attack (remember: 2 sec cooldown) from the Martial School Teacher.

Drag the 2 skills to your hot bar and head towards the Bronze Crane Platform in Suzhou (528, -89). Head to the back of the area, jump up to the roof and you may begin attacking the mobs.

Please be careful when entering the region of King Wu's Tomb as the world boss resides there. Do not aggro the boss and bring it to the area where everyone is engaging in their title challenge.

In order to successfully surpass this title challenge, you MUST jump onto the roof of the building.

Jump up to the roof, click on the furthest Black Flag mob within the trio (he will be your primary target-man for the untargeted AoE attacks) and begin your attacks.

For Scholars, you will only need to alternate between Hero's Tears and Reticent Flower for this title challenge. When you are tired, just release your Wind Flower Snow Moon. This will enable you to breeze through this title challenge. For those who are non-Scholars and do not have two 2 sec cooldown timer skills, you may go to a beginning town to buy a normal attack skill from the Martial School Teacher.

Remember to take food that gives mp regen before the event so that you will not run out of energy!

If you are helping others to obtain the title, just train the mobs under the roof as shown in the picture.

Those who are obtaining the title will fight on the roof while the one training the mobs will be under the roof engaging his/her parry till the title challenge is complete.

It is perfectly alright if nobody is available to help you train mobs, just that it will be much slower as you can only hit 3 mobs at a time.

After 5 minutes, you will have a new shiny title to use!
Many thanks to the original author and his team mates.
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Re: [Guide] How to get <<Eternal Link of The Stars>> Title
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Don't mp pots have cast times? How can you use one in the middle of a combo?

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Re: [Guide] How to get <<Eternal Link of The Stars>> Title
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Don't mp pots have cast times? How can you use one in the middle of a combo?

I think the author was talking about Arena Pill. Perhaps before the event.

*edited: The author was talking about eating Food that gives mp regen buff. I just noticed from the screenshot.
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