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Author Topic: [Guide] How to turn Bound School Honor Certs into Unbound School Badge Package  (Read 2279 times)

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After posting the guide on how to search for school badge packages in the trade center, I decided to write a post regarding the exchange service offered by the School Item Exchange NPC.

The following are the respective locations of the NPC within the school:
RG          (359 -165)
Beggar    (556 337)
Scholar    (560 292)
Wanderer (253 14)
Tangmen  (999 -153)
Emei        (705 -20)
Wudang   (540 416)
Shaolin     (1024 298)

As you may have noticed, these are exactly the same NPCs you talk to regarding 2NG exchange using your School Honor Certs.

To exchange your School Honor Certs for the School Badge Package, talk to the NPC and click on the 'Exchange' button on the right of the window.

Then purchase a 'Gold String' for 50L silver (unbound), then purchase the School Badge Package (requirements: You have at least 100 School Honor Certs and 1 Gold String). Congratulations! You are now in the possession of a cargo worth 400L to 1D!

Please note that once you right click on the package and loot its contents, the certs will become BOUND to you again. So avoid being curious or 'click-happy'. To avoid accidentally looting bags and packages during trade or mail, use the left mouse button to click on the package ONCE (contrary to popular Windows and MMO habits of click and dragging items using the left mouse button, all it takes is just a simple left click on the item); you will notice that the mouse cursor turns into the icon of that package and you can safely place it into the trade or mail window.

Happy Trading / Selling guys!

p.s. Do keep 600 certs for own use if you are exchanging for 2NG31 to 2NG36. To be 'future-proof', keep another 1815 certs for 3NG.
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