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Anniliation GL PK
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Re: Anniliation GL PK
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Phyllis, this is a thing we need to understand regarding their rules of engagement during escort events. Some guilds think escort is free game, and will find it weird if we kos them because of that. I think we need to bring this up during the next meeting.

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Re: Anniliation GL PK
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He Taunt me by walking around me with goose and flying skill at starting point from escort quest giver. I did not pay any attention to what he was doing and i just continue my escort. After we pass the gate towards Shen's area, he then kill me slowly with some low level skill because i only see 20-30 dmg / hit and i did not hit him until he fully deplete my hp. And he did not loot my escort after make me faint. Too bad this occasion i did not video it down only took a SS once he attacked me. Its only 1 occasion that he attacked me after that he logged/teled away.