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Life of an intern in a startup game company...
« on: May 22, 2013, 11:35:32 AM »
Hi guys. Just want to do some documentation on my experience as an intern at a startup game company in Singapore.

Just to give some info, my company is called Daylight studios, it is based in Singapore and was opened in 2011.

Week 1

Nothing much happening. Been learning the architecture and structure of how the company operates. They are using a system which AAA companies adopt called "Model View Controller". It's very very very organized and i suggest you guys read up on it!

Week 2

Starting to code PHP and coding a new event for their previous game called Reign of Heroes. As im bounded by NDA, i cannot reveal anything about the event.

PHP has been really interesting so far. The game is linked from a webapp called PHPmyadmin which helps integrate mySQL with PHP. I have had no problems so far and im really liking the office culture. Also, i haven't been given any "sai kang" work to do. I feel pretty lucky  :P

Week 3

QA work just started on Conquest Age. We are currently testing new features for the new version v1.03. Im really excited for the international launch of Conquest Age. It's currently only released in New Zealand so far and it's already getting good reviews (5 is good enough  :-X)

QA is tiring though, i've been OTing just to clear bugs as some of the programmers tackle really tough bugs. Testing, deleting, testing, deleting. It's "the life of a QA personnel", that came from a friend.

Week 4

Had a major event today. Amazon Web Singapore invited various companies in Singapore for a conference on their web storage ecosystem. Pizza and beer was around and the team was demo-ing Conquest Age to the people at the mini-party. I really had fun demo-ing to the people. EA, Kotagames, Gumi was there, so there was a really big lineup of people to showcase our game to at the party.

Also, i fell sick towards the end of the week. Not a good way to end the month!  :-[

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Re: Life of an intern in a startup game company...
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Daylight Studios sounds familiar... Wonder where I heard it from

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Re: Life of an intern in a startup game company...
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:o It's a Singaporean startup~ They have 2 games out and 1 in production so far.  8)