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Official Website: http://www.firefallthegame.com
Publisher: Red 5 Studios
Developer: Red 5 Studios
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release Date: TBA
Guild Application Link: http://einsofgaming.com/firefallapply

Recommended: Get onto our Discord server. Some of us will be online daily if you need to contact us. Join our Discord group at http://esf.link/eindsc



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Re: Firefall
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Public beta weekend: Jan 25th at 10am PST to January 28th 12am PST

Skillshot Contest (Video) – Record and submit an epic skillshot video for a chance to win a prize pack filled with Firefall SWAG and Razer™ gear
Skillshot Contest (Screen) – Screencap a stylish skillshot for a chance at being featured on the official Firefall Facebook page
Community Unlock – Play during the weekend to unlock an exclusive, customized Battleframe decal

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Re: Firefall
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New 2013 Firefall Gameplay Trailer:

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Re: Firefall
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Played it in one of the Public Beta Weekends near end of last year. Combat is quite fun, but abit lacking in content due to its nature of releasing content.

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Re: Firefall
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Firefall open beta on July 9.
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Re: Firefall
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Guys anyone have a beta key? Would love to try out the game.

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Re: Firefall
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Some of us will be back in FireFall to take a look. Finally open beta after more than a year of closed beta.. :lol: