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Don't update your PS3 yet! (Patch 4.45)

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There should be a prompt on your PS3 asking you to upgrade to 4.45 now. Whatever you do, don't accept it yet. Some PS3 owners report that the update is bricking their system, locking their consoles on the boot-up "ribbon" screen and a thread on Sony's official forums shows that the issue is far from isolated. Not everyone's console is affected but there are enough already that you won't want to take the risk.

You may view the reports/ complaints/ comments on Sony's official forums here: http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-3-Support/Problem-after-update-to-4-45/td-p/40712247

Pcw~ up up. Heng I no on my PS3.

wah will autoupdate anot?

If PS+ then is auto update I think.

If you have PSN+ then the system will download the update automatically, but I believe it won't actually install the update by itself.

Just incase anyone have actually installed the 4.45 firmware, and wants/needs to revert back to 4.41, just download the 4.41 firmware onto a USB drive (from your PC), and then start your PS3 up in safe mode (by holding down the power button while the PS3 is starting up - keep it held down until you hear 3 beeps) - the safe mode should give you an option to install firmware from media.

Good morning all btw.


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