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Hello, Yarikh here ^^
« on: August 28, 2013, 03:55:59 PM »
Hiya, name's Yarikh. Full name being Kudj'a Yarikh.  But you can call me either of the two names, whichever is more preferred. And yes, I somewhat followed the naming convention for Keeper of the Moon Mi'qote. I'm tedious like that with my own character names even if I don't RP, I want to feel like they're part of the world and I like reading about the lore. Don't mind. X'3 

At present, I'm a Level 12 Conjurer in Masamune. I'm fairly new in the game and this is my first FF MMO so I might not be up to speed with some terminology among other things, so please be patient with me, I will try my best to catch up. ^^;

My timezone is GMT+8, I live in SEA. I'm in my 20s and working so I can only play at night during weekdays but I'll be around during Sundays.

I watch anime, read manga, collect figures. My collection is still modest in size and mostly comprised of Kotobukiya, like the little One Coin Grande ones and also a few Nendoroids.

I just registered for the site, the forum and submitted an application. But I'm still a little nervous, to be honest. I hope it's ok to write an intro here even if I'm not sure whether I've been accepted or not yet. ^^;
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Re: Hello, Yarikh here ^^
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Haha, not to worry, I take lore very seriously as well, and my character is named accordingly to the Hyur naming convention using the ARR name generator as well as a bit of mixing here and there.

See you in-game soon!

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Re: Hello, Yarikh here ^^
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Hope to see you in-game too!  :)
I will try to see if I can get online tonight. Um, should I wait for a day or so for my application to be reviewed before I ask to be invited? ovo

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Re: Hello, Yarikh here ^^
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Hey yo~~~~! Welcome board~! We have received your app. You may PM any one of the officers for an invite when you go online. We have new players too and we are also learning and guiding each other on the go~ :D

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Re: Hello, Yarikh here ^^
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Thank you for having me~  ;D
I will try to get my airship pass tonight if nothing comes up.  Level 16 now and focusing on story and class quests.

Also, I just sent a join request to the einsofgaming fb group :)