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[Guide/Tips] Dungeon run + tips
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Since ARR's dungeons aren't just the typical "Go in there, clear all the monsters, full force on the boss, and come back out" and wipes are possible if you’re not careful, I have decided to compile a list of tips/hints if you are running one of the dungeons listed below for the first time. I will try to record videos if I can, but I can’t guarantee it. :D 

1.   Satasha
-   At the first stage after killing a group of monsters, there should be a <Bloody Memo> at the end of the path. Right-click on the note and take note of the last line that is in italics, especially the word at the end which usually sounds like <red, blue or green>. After that, proceed through the dungeon as per normal.

-   In the first stage before the first boss, there would be three switches, the <Red Coral Formation>, <Blue Coral Formation> or <Green Coral Formation>. Choose the right switch according to the last line of the <Bloody Memo> acquired in the previous section. If you chose the wrong switch, a group of monsters will spawn. If you chose the right switch, an <Inconspicuous Switch> will appear, and this will summon the boss. Please note that the correct switch is generated randomly.

-   The boss fight is pretty straightforward, just stay out of the AoE circle.

-   From here, the rest of the dungeon is pretty straightforward as well, until the last boss.

-   At the last boss stage, there would be four “drains” of sorts with the <Unnatural Ripples> label above it. If you’re not a tank, please stay near to at least one “drain” and prepare <Sprint>. If you’re a tank, please lure the boss to the middle of the four “drains”.

-   When the message “Bubbles has started to form on the water surface” appears, close the “drains” which have bubbles coming out of them. Use <Sprint> if necessary. If you’re not fast enough, adds will spawn through that drain. Unless you’re a THM with sleep, these adds will prolong your dungeon run unnecessarily, and that of course means, more chances to get wiped. (And it is true. I just ran Satasha with a newbie tank, and he died.)

-   If you are a DPS other than BRD or ARC, and when the boss reaches to about 10-15% of HP, pump up all your attack buffs/critical buffs and use <Limit Break>, which can be found in your actions window by pressing <P>. Doesn’t matter if the boss still has a slight bit of HP. FINISH HIM!

Video run-through:


2.   Tam-tara
-   This dungeon is pretty straightforward, and has lots of interactions. There are treasure coffers lying around in the small rooms, so you can check it out. Main point of this dungeon, especially to Thaumaturges (THMs): Please please please please please use <Sleep> on monsters that your party is not attacking, especially if your tanker is a Gladiator (GLA).


3.   Copperbell Mines
-   This dungeon would be a breeze if the party consists of AoE classes like Marauder (MRD) or THM. But don’t fret if your party doesn’t have any AoE classes.

-   The first boss you encounter will put your AoE skills to full use. Monsters would come falling from the top and overwhelming you. Just remember: Keep the monsters off your healer’s back. The monsters are pretty squishy, so just get rid of them ASAP. After the hordes of monsters are killed, the boss will appear. It would be quite a straightforward fight, so… Nothing much to talk about it.

-   The second boss is the interesting one. This hugeeeee slime will be INVULNERABLE to all attacks. The tank just needs to keep his enmity up on it. While the tank is running around with the slime chasing him, one of the DPS roles can activate the <Improved Blasting Device> to summon a blasting cap. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT KILL THIS BLASTING CAP or you would waste precious time. Lure it to the huge slime that is chasing your tanker, and it would cast an AoE self-destruct to break the slime to smaller pieces.

-   After the first blasting of the slime, continued summons of the blasting cap will summon spriggans which would attempt to attack the cap. Kill the squishy spriggans. Repeat the above until the small pieces of slime can finally be attacked.

-   Finally, the last boss. After you damage the boss to about 80% of HP, he would run to a wall and break the wall, allowing adds to enter. These adds will go to the other side of the dungeon and break another wall to allow even more adds to disrupt you. I wouldn’t recommend focusing fully on the boss, as the DPS might not be enough and your healer might die.

-   When the boss breaks the wall, the tank should be the only one attacking the boss to hold enmity. The 2 DPS roles should kill the adds ASAP to buy time before more adds come breaking in. There wouldn’t be a need to use <Flash> on these adds since they’re focus would only be on the wall, so tanks: Just focus on the boss.
-   The dungeon has been nerfed since Phase 3, so when the wall breaks, the boss would only have less than 30% HP remaining. At this point of time, focus on the boss till about 10-20% HP, and use Limit Break if you’re a DPS role.

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Re: [Guide/Tips] Dungeon run + tips
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It's Miooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...~ :O Refresh memory with what? :O :O

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Re: [Guide/Tips] Dungeon run + tips
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Tam-Tara and CPB Mines ._. Oh and Toto-rak. I did that while half asleep.

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Re: [Guide/Tips] Dungeon run + tips
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My first run didn't go so well. ^w^; Messy, no coordination.  I think a little pre-briefing goes a long way so I think I should try to talk to my party before start of dungeon. By using Duty Finder, will it also select your group based on the language you select? I notice next to our names there is J, E, etc. letters representing language.

This is also cross-world, I think. Is there no way to be able to select a party with friends from another world?

Also, is there a level limit for dungeons: like if you are above this level, you cannot enter this dungeon?

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Re: [Guide/Tips] Dungeon run + tips
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Yes it will select a group based on the language you select, but we usually highlight all of it or it would take a long time to find a party. The Duty Finder finds players from across the JP servers if you are playing in a JP server. Same goes for NA and EU servers. There's no way to choose whether you get to play from your server only, or from other servers only. It's based on luck :D
And no, there's no level limit. I have done Satasha at level 30+. Your level will be synced to the max level of the dungeon though. You will be able to see it on your exp bar with a {S} logo beside your level if your level is synced.

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Re: [Guide/Tips] Dungeon run + tips
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Bump as it is a good Guide :-D

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Re: [Guide/Tips] Dungeon run + tips
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Bump as it is a good Guide :-D

Haha I haven't updated this for a long time omg. Concentrating too much on AK and CoB @@