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Ifrit [HM] Event
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Event: Ifrit Hardmode
Date: Every Monday
Time: 9-10PM GMT+8

Some of us will be volunteering to help FC members who need this primal. For those who wish to volunteer, you may post your IGN and role with the term 'volunteer' below:

Einzo Hattori (DPS: Dragoon/ Bard/ Monk)

For those who need this primal, please submit you IGN and role below:


Code: [Select]


1) For members who need this primal: Please at least have a basic knowledge on how the fight goes.
2) For volunteers: Please be patient with members who are relatively new to the fight.
3) Get on Raidcall for communication. Does not matter if you do not have a mic, just listen to the co-ordinations of the person leading the event.
4) Please be punctual. Get online and ready at least 5 minutes before the event starts.

We can help each other out even out of the designated event time, but this event is whereby we volunteer to spare some of our time to help out. :)
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Re: Ifrit [HM] Event
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Tank: One of the tank’s roles in this fight is to make sure they’re holding Ifrit’s threat. The other Tank will have to use their stun ability to prevent Ifrit from using one of his most powerful abilities called Eruption. Since there’s a tendency for Ifrit to keep casting this, the off-tank should focus in using their Stun ability to prevent a wipe out.

Healer: A White Mage and a Scholar will always work best in any given fight. However, if there are two of the same thing, that’s fine. For the Healer’s job, it’s important that one should focus in healing the tank while others heal the rest of the group. However, both should be ready to help each other out in times all of the members in the group need healing. Using Saint Shroud is highly recommended for White Mage to make sure that their MP is always regenerating. Use Level 3 Limit Break as an emergency to do a massive Raise.

DPS: The DPS in the group should focus in attacking Ifrit. At some point where Ifrit will launch four needles like in regular mode, a Summoner or a Black Mage should Limit Break it to kill off the nails. Make sure to reserve the first limit level 3 limit break to BLM or SMN. If there are no Black Mages or Summoner in the group, it would be hard to take down the nails just in time before Ifrit rages and wipe the party out.


Ifrit’s Health: 100% – 85%
During this phase, the fight is pretty much easy. The tank should expect the flame wave and a knockback that deals very little damage. For casters, make sure you stay away from Ifrit’s range to prevent your spells from being canceled.

Ifrit’s Health: 84% – 75%
Ifrit will add a new move and that’s Eruption. For the off-tank in the group, make sure they use stun or interrupt Ifrit from casting Eruption. If left uninterrupted, Ifrit will cast a massive explosion somewhere around the area and will deal a massive amount of damage to those affected by it. As he drops HP, he will continue to use Eruption and spam the whole area with it.

Following Eruption, Ifrit will jump into the air and land at any spot outside the map. He will then do a frontal rush attack. If you are in his line of sight, you will receive big damage. This move is easily preventable. Simply go to the outer side.

Ifrit’s Health: 74% – 51%
This time, there will be two Ifrit’s rushing one a time to any area of the field. Make sure you evade them as it can deal a massive damage to the group once again. After the frontal rush attack, Ifrit will then use Radiant Blast. The pattern is usually this: Radiant Blast around the outside map (move inside to avoid), Radiant Blast in the middle (move outside), and the Frontal Rush attack.

Ifrit’s Health: 50%
At 50% Health, Ifrit will launch four nails. Just like in regular mode, if the group can’t take them down, it’s an automatic wipe out since Ifrit will rage. To prevent Ifrit from raging, make sure the Black Mage or Summoner in the group will use the level 3 limit break to AOE the Nails. Using AOE LB should damage the nails significantly, giving everyone enough time to take them down within 60 seconds.

As soon as the nails are done, Ifrit will cast Hellfire, damaging everyone. Make sure the healers use AOE heals as everyone’s HP will be reduced to less than 50%. At this point, the level 3 limit break should be saved for the Healers, just in case they will need to Raise more than one party member.

Ifrit’s Health: 49% – Below
After using Hell Fire, Ifrit will be using the same abilities he had in the previous phases: Frontal Charge Attack, Eruption, and Radiant Blast.

Here’s the new pattern that he will now use until he dies:

1. Radiant Blast on the outer ring – make sure the players move inside
2. Radiant Blast inside – make sure the players move outside
3. Radiant Blast covering almost the entire area. Stack on the boss.
4. Frontal Charge attack featuring three Ifrits.


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Re: Ifrit [HM] Event
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IGN: Einzo Hattori
Role: DPS (Dragoon/ Bard/ Monk)

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Re: Ifrit [HM] Event
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IGN: Ismenia Acker
Role: DPS (Monk)

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Re: Ifrit [HM] Event
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IGN: Sara Kerrigan
Role: DPS (BLM)

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Re: Ifrit [HM] Event
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IGN: Elpy Queen
Role: Tank (Paladin)

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Re: Ifrit [HM] Event
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Alhariel Dayborn

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Re: Ifrit [HM] Event
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lol 4 dps alr.... ok la, heres 1 healer

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