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Garuda [HM] Event
« on: September 24, 2013, 04:24:14 PM »

Event: Garuda Hardmode
Date: Every Tuesday
Time: 9-10PM GMT+8

Some of us will be volunteering to help FC members who need this primal. For those who wish to volunteer, you may post your IGN and role with the term 'volunteer' below:

Einzo Hattori (DPS: Dragoon/ Bard/ Monk)

For those who need this primal, please submit you IGN and role below:


Code: [Select]


1) For members who need this primal: Please at least have a basic knowledge on how the fight goes.
2) For volunteers: Please be patient with members who are relatively new to the fight.
3) Get on Raidcall for communication. Does not matter if you do not have a mic, just listen to the co-ordinations of the person leading the event.
4) Please be punctual. Get online and ready at least 5 minutes before the event starts.

We can help each other out even out of the designated event time, but this event is whereby we volunteer to spare some of our time to help out. :)

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Re: Garuda [HM] Event
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First Phase
The first phase of this fight is somewhat similar to the story mode where the group will have to hide behind the rock to evade Garuda’s frontal wind gale attack. Have the tank always hold Garuda to where she’s standing regardless where she teleports. Have the range DPS stand on either the left or right side, which is away from the pillars. The rule still stands in terms of preserving the stone pillars since that will help negate Garuda’s AOE attack during the Reckoning transition phase once Garuda reaches 50% of health.

The four stone pillars is still a priority and DPS should take down the razor plumes as fast as possible. Maximizing DPS output is recommended, that way they can take down the adds fast and focus on Garuda.

Here is the order where Garuda will teleport:

1st: North, the spot where she’s originally at.
2nd: Middle of the four pillars
3rd: East (to the right of where she initially spawned)
4th: Middle, No raid damage here but expect her to summon razor plumes.
5th: Middle, this is the Reckoning transition to Phase Two.

Before hitting the Reckoning transition phase, make sure that everyone is healed; have the White Mage cast Medica II for an added regen effect. Just before Garuda unleashes her AOE whirlwind fury, have the Scholar cast Sacred Soil and everyone should stack under it. If there are still standing pillars around and you successfully get to the Scholar’s Sacred Soil buff that greatly negates damage, you don’t have to worry about wiping. After the transitional phase, have both healers cast AOE heals to get everyone’s HP up.

Phase Two
The second phase of Garuda fight is tough and will require everyone to pay attention. After the reckoning phase, tornadoes will appear and you will have a small portion of the area where the tank has to hold her. Make sure the tank pulls Garuda to the west side of the map but be careful not to touch the tornado. Be sure that Garuda is facing away from the group since she will do her cleave attack.

Several seconds after the tank positions her, Garuda will summon two minion adds that will make this fight hard and challenging. Before the two adds appear, Garuda will disappear for a brief second. During this time, make sure that the White Mage DOES NOT use Medica II as aggro will reset and there’s a high change the adds will come after the mage. When these two adds appear, you will see a green and red thread. The off-tank in the group, preferably a Warrior will have to tank these adds just beside the main tank but not very close. Off-tank should watch out for a cleave attack similar to Garuda.

The add with the green thread will be healing the boss while the one with a red thread will deal a huge amount of damage. It’s important for the DPS to take down the green add (she does very little damage and have low HP). If the group has high DPS, the green add should go down within seconds. Once she’s down, focus on the red add, while making sure they don’t come after the healers.

As soon as the adds are dead, Garuda will start to move around. During this time, the group will be rotating clockwise around the room. Green tornadoes will follow. The group needs to stay close to Garuda, which is right behind her. The razor plume will spawn but you only have to kill ONE SPECIFIC plume and that’s the Satin Plume. Ignore the regular razor plumes since they only deal little damage. For the Satin Plume, it’s important that DPS takes it down fast since there’s a tendency it will sleep a random party member. Healers make sure that you cast a lot of AOE heals during the rotating phase.

Phase Three
When the group ends up to the northern side of the map, run to the middle and this will be the start of phase three. In this phase, it’s pretty much the same as the story mode. Make sure everyone gets inside the circle and not outside the purple void/whirldwind.

While the tank is tanking Garuda (make sure it’s facing away from the group), she will summon the two minion adds once again. Again, kill the green ones then focus on the red ones. To make things easier, have the BLM or SMN use the Level 3 Limit Break. Using LB will put the adds’ HP down to at least 1/4 making it easier. During this phase, watch out for the cleave once again of the adds and Garuda.

After the adds are down, Garuda will do the things she did in Phase 2. Have the tank kite her to the NORTH side of the room and prepare to rotate clockwise again. If the group has enough DPS, she should be down before you get in the middle.


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Re: Garuda [HM] Event
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IGN: Einzo Hattori
Role: DPS (Dragoon/ Bard/ Monk)

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Re: Garuda [HM] Event
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IGN: Ismenia Acker
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Re: Garuda [HM] Event
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IGN: Elpy Queen
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Re: Garuda [HM] Event
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