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[Guide] Amdapor Keep - ATP/ATM/Gear Farming for fresh Level 50s
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The reason why I decided to separate this from the main Dungeon Guide topic is that this dungeon is one of the most ran dungeons besides Wanderer's Palace and previously, Castrum Meridianum*.

*In case you were wondering why CM isn't a popular choice now, reason being that it has been buffed up such that you are unable to skip certain groups of mobs that can previously be ignored. Also, WP has been changed to drop Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy and Mythology, and one round of WP would take 15 minutes with a Full Relic Party, therefore expect to be excluded from WP groups if you do not have a Relic weapon. AK and WP should drop about 100 ATP per run.

Before talking about AK, imma brief about what ATP and ATM are used for.

Allagan Tomestones of Philosphy (ATP)

ATP should be the second thing that you aim to gather after acquiring a Primal weapon (Ifrit, minimal). ATP is mainly used by fresh level 50s as a currency that can be exchanged at Mor Dhona, Revenant's Toll, for Darklight Armor + Accessories. Among the level 50 gear, Darklight gear falls in between your Artifact (AF) gear and ATM (also known as AF1)/ Allagan gear. It is at the same rank as the green tiered gears acquired in Amdapor Keep.

If you have leftover ATP after getting DL gear, not to worry. 900 ATP is required for your Relic Quest.

After acquiring DL gear, do not stop collecting ATP. ATP can be further exchanged for materials required for the crafting of high end accessories (animal fat/peacock ore).

Allagan Tomestones of Mythology (ATM)

So the first thing you think that should be purchased with ATM are AF2/ATM gear. Answer is, no. In fact, you should be saving up 900 ATM to upgrade your Relic to Relic +1.

So what if you have an excess of ATM? Get ATM gear. These gear are on par with Allagan gear obtained from the Binding Coil of Bahamut. The best way is to aim for the gear that drops on the later Turns, like Turn 4 or 5, since these 2 will wipe your party a lot before you can clear it. So let's say MNK's top drops in Turn 5 of CoB. The first ATM gear that I should aim for would be the ATM top.

Gathering ATM for the first piece will require quite some time due to the 300 ATM cap per week which resets on Monday at 11pm (+8 GMT). Take your time.

Amdapor Keep


Important: DPS roles. Minimum weapon: Primal weapon (At least Ifrit. Preferably Garuda weapon.

This applies for BOTH DPSes. AK tests a lot on DPS, and the difference in timing/success rate between a party with iLevel 49 weapons and a party with at least iLevel 80 weapons is extremely large.

If one of the DPS is a Relic Holder, the other DPS can be using a HQ crafted weapon. However, even though there would be a high success rate, the time taken to complete AK might take a long time.

For Tanks and Healers: It is fine if you enter with GC weapons. However, do remember that having a weapon of high iLevel even though you're not DPSing, can push out a single-target LB of higher damage since LB damage is based on the party's weapon iLevel.

Armor: It is fine to enter with AF armor for all 3 roles.

Dungeon Procedures

The Starting (before the first boss):

- Stun Lunatic Followers who are carrying a staff when they are attempting to use Void Call (a summon skill). Preferably a PLD can do this. This skill can be Silenced. For tanks: Please mark targets when there are more than one of them. For WHMs/BLMs: Sleep off-targets. Note that monsters such as the Hippogryph and Dullahan cannot be slept.

- Nothing much after that. Just tank and spank. Do not lure more than 1 group of monsters at any one time.

First Boss:

- Full DPS on the Lunatic Follower. He will use AoEs, so be sure to avoid them. When he uses Void Call, let him continue. That particular Void Call cannot be interupted by any means.

- When the Void Call skill is completed, full DPS on the Lunatic Follower until he dies. When that happens, the Tank should lure the summoned monster (I forgot it's name) to the side of the map where there is a lamp mounted on the wall.

- Golem adds will be summoned by the boss. Kill the adds ASAP.

- When the boss aims anyone and casts Canker, Silence/Stun it. If you are a melee DPS and you are targeted, move to the back of the boss so that he cannot finish the casting. If all else fails and Canker is casted, WHMs/SCHs should Esuna/Leech whoever that has gotten the Disease debuff from Canker.

- The boss will summon a GIANT golem which will use a large AoE skill (reason why tank should lure boss to side of map). You should be out of the AoE easily enough. There is NO NEED to kill this GIANT golem since it will destroy itself later.

- Kill the boss.

Middle part (before second boss):

- There will be certain areas where Vodriga Sleepers will spawn once someone steps into the area. Let the Tank walk in front. Kill the Sleepers.

- There will be a certain part where there is one Dullahan pacing across the room. Make sure the Dullahan is faaaaaar away (Dullahans aggro by range, so it has eyes behind it's back) before running to the next room.

- Kill Brontotaur first. WHMs and BLMs should sleep Hound Lights. Vodoriga Sleepers can be slept too.

- At the last part before the second boss where there is one group of Brontotaur and Hound Lights, and a Dullahan, hug the tree on the right. The tank should move first, so that he/she can aggro the Dullahan and bring it into the second boss room, where it is more difficult to accidentally aggro the group of Brontotaur and Hound Lights.

Second boss - Demon Wall:

- This is where the DPS plays a part. During the fight, WHMs should use Medica whenever Demon Wall uses Murder Hole.

- Demon Wall will summon stripes of a dark purple colour on the ground in this seqeunce: Middle, then both right and left hand side of the map. Avoid the stripes. They hit for quite a lot and it slows you.

- After Demon Wall uses the stripes for 2 cycles, everyone should move into the middle of the map. Where is the middle? Look at the arrow when you click on the Demon Wall. Standing on that arrow while facing Demon Wall will ensure that you do not fall of the map when he uses Repel.

- After 2 repels, Bloodlappers (bee-liek stuff) will be summoned. Single target DPS should LB the left bee. If the LB is inadequate to kill it, full DPS it down. Tank should maintain enmity on the right bee until the DPS finishes the left bee. The bees will use an AoE skill which can be Stunned. Continue on Demon Wall after both bees are dead.

- At the same time when the bees are summoned, a Void Pitch will be on the ground at the back part of the map. If your DPS is not enough, the Demon Wall will Repel until there is no clear ground to stand on. This Void Pitch will have a DoT effect on you until you die, so a high DPS is important.

Phase before last boss:

- WHMs and BLMs should sleep Hound Light and Smolenkos. Party should get rid of Soul Collector first.

- Avoid ALL AoEs.

- There might be Succubus in some group of the mobs. Ranged characters/Tanks should aggro them from far and get rid of them before moving to the main core group of mobs. When Succubus casts Void Fira, this should be Silenced or Stunned.

Last boss:

- Tank will draw boss to a position where the head faces the middle of the map, preferably near the furthermost pot at the right. All DPS and Heals should hold until the Tank is ready/in position.

- Melee DPS should enter from the side of the boss, as the boss will use Tail Drive whenever someone is behind it. Neither should Melee DPS stand in front of the boss to avoid Rotten Breath, which will have a slow debuff + high damage.

- When the boss casts Imminent Catastrophe, everyone should hide behind a pot. This skill is able to kill off any non-tanks.

- After Imminent Catastrophe, one of the pots will spawn into a Dark Helot. DPS should down this fast.

- After about 2 rounds of Imminent Catastrophe, the boss will cast a pink line on one of the party members. Member who is targetted should run to the corner of the map where there is no one standing. A ball will be summoned at where the targetted member is, which will deal damage every second around itself.

- LB the boss when LB hits 2 bars.

- End of dungeon.

Imma probably do a Turn 1 and Turn 2 written guide for CoB sometime :3 AK video will be up when I have the time. LOL.

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Re: [Guide] Amdapor Keep - ATP/ATM/Gear Farming for fresh Level 50s
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bump bump bump for awesome Guide again !! :-*

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Re: [Guide] Amdapor Keep - ATP/ATM/Gear Farming for fresh Level 50s
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Thanks for posting the guide and requirements~ ^^ 

Honestly I've been avoiding trying to go to AK for a while because I thought my gears wouldn't be enough.. >.< ... and I really don't want to be a burden on the party... especially because I haven't done it before so, guh.. I know how some people grimace when they know someone is new and I also get nervous as hell. So it goes both ways, hombre.

But after you get over the first time, I think it'll be smoother here on out.  I hope. I'm just nervous if I happen to to be paired up with people who want to do speedruns and get mad over a small mistake. But yeah, it's not like I can stay in that state forever, gonna have to try it sometime. AK gears and GC weap is okay, so okay. I will try it. x_x;

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Re: [Guide] Amdapor Keep - ATP/ATM/Gear Farming for fresh Level 50s
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After you run through it once, it should be quite easy from there.