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Author Topic: [Tip] Important Tip for DoMs - Titan  (Read 2249 times)

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[Tip] Important Tip for DoMs - Titan
« on: October 25, 2013, 05:48:31 PM »
By now, I think you might have already pulled off a bunch of your hair because you just can't seem to avoid Weight of Land/Landslide even though your character is already outside of the AoE boundary.

Well, thanks to Square Enix's weird timers, this is not due to lag. But it can be worsened by lag.

The problem about the logging timings is that it logs your position too early. For instance...

You were here...

Then you were out here.

Then you get blasted with a plume in your face. And you have no idea how. Or why. So you attribute to lag, and decide to try at off-peak hours. But you still get plumes blasting in your face.

And why is this so? This fault lies with Square Enix's way of logging positions, and DoMs have the shorter end of the stick in this case since they do not have auto attack.

For classes that are not DoM and have auto attack, the system is able to log your positions continuously from both your normal usage of skills that you use every time, as well as auto attack. So in simpler words, the system is able to constantly acquire new information on your position at a higher frequency.

However, for DoMs, you do not have auto attack. So the system is unable to log your position info as fast or as constant as a DoW. And here is where the problem comes in.

When Titan (or whichever mobs that has casting AoE) uses Weight of Land, a DoW in the best case scenario, will immediately stop all casting of whatever skills and move out of the way. Sometimes, the DoW will not receive damage since he's out of the AoE, but sometimes he still gets damage. Then he dies outside of the AoE.

However, if the DoW is late, he will definitely get hit even if he is out. At the logging site, the system only has data of your position when Weight of Land is just being cast. Because you don't have auto attack, there is no new information, or any information that you moved out of AoE after they logged your position at the start of plumes. The ends result would be you getting a plume blasted in your face because the system thinks you are in AoE.

So now you wonder, what should you do to prevent the system from pulling you down. This requires a bit of practice, but it is doable.

When Titan starts casting Weight of Land/Landslide/etc, stop anything you are doing, even though you are about to finish casting the skill or what not.

Move out of the AoE boundary. After you are clearly outside the boundary, spam any skill, be it heal or whatever or a buff or whatever.

Note that you do not need to finish casting the skill. As long as you have pressed the hot key and your character attempts to cast it, even though you interrupt it once it starts casting, you are fine.

Reason why you don't need to cast it till the end, is that the system has acquired your position info the moment you used the skill. If you wanna finish casting it, then whatever. LOL. Don't blame me if you get enmity because of successfully finishing the cast. I have already warned you :D

Hopefully this helps all the new DoWs who are attempting Titan (and hopefully I managed to prevent more people from tearing out their hair).
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Re: [Tip] Important Tip for DoMs - Titan
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2013, 09:31:21 AM »
Here I thought my internet was the culprit of being unable to avoid even if I'm far from the red zone. Also noticed that when casting spell, there are times when I can still move.

I tried the method above and it helped. @v@ helped a lot in dodging those red zones, thanks again for sharing, Mion.

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Re: [Tip] Important Tip for DoMs - Titan
« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2013, 11:55:07 AM »
The other night I was doing Titan with Miley, and I was experiencing some really bad lag!
Managed to get some of it on video lol!

But usually it's not so bad, and can get through most times without getting hit

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Re: [Tip] Important Tip for DoMs - Titan
« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2013, 06:50:38 PM »
I feel the pain Xeno ... landslide it's still able to run but the multiple plumes ....... >:(
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