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MrHappy's HM Garuda run
« on: December 17, 2013, 06:53:23 PM »
Fast notes on HM Garuda.
Please mind the quick convo as i just typing what i see.

1) Start fight , tank and spank .

2) Garuda will jump to intitate Wind blast and casts Eye Of the Storm , before the wind blast there will be 5 small AOE dmg feather circles so just avoid. Same as old fight , Hide behind boulders. After which burn the plumes , aim satin 1st.

3) Garuda will do the same move in 2 except this time will spawn Soprana and Chirada. Keep the 2 adds apart or they will get dmg stacks while too close. Once the 2 adds are down , Garuda will commence Reckoning. More boulders the better.

4) last phase of Garuda fight.
- Eye Of the Storm then
- Split Soprana Chirada with 1 Spiny plume (dont kill spiny plume)
- Down both adds and let main tank take garuda and spiny.
- Before Garuda casts Reckoning kill Spiny and avoid the spiny explosion. Spiny plume will cast a Dome Shield to block the Reckoning , Shield lasts for prob between 5-10 seconds so need to time it well.
- Rinse and repeat = Down.


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Re: MrHappy's HM Garuda run
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You mean Garuda EM LOL.

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Re: MrHappy's HM Garuda run
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Heres the video.
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