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Author Topic: Lost at level 50? Here's what you should do next:  (Read 1685 times)

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Lost at level 50? Here's what you should do next:
« on: July 09, 2014, 05:00:34 PM »
So you've just hit level 50 and all of a sudden you feel lost. Should I do this first? Or that first?

This will be just a veryyyy brief point-form guide on what you should do, and what you should start first once you've hit 50.

- You should have received your attunement quest via datachron. Hit accept on that one.

- Move on to Northern Wastes and Crimson Badlands (which sequence is up to you). You can access them from Thayd. There will be a quest (either from your datachron or a board from Thayd) to enter these 2 areas. The quests there are daily repeatable quests. Put this as your priority as a way to earn elder gems and reputation.

- Done with dailies for the day? Move on to Blighthaven. This quest will be available to you via datachron. Blighthaven is the area just after Western Grimvault. The quest hubs in BH gives one-time completion quests. Do them to get rep, some EG, and gear.

- Done with BH? Veteran adventures is next. Vet adventures is a good way to earn EG, gold, gear, and rep. The gear from BH will give you an advantage in vet adventures.

- Somewhere along the line, you would have acquired 150 elder gems. Follow your attunement quest and buy the Genesis Key (Pictorial over here:,571.0.html)

Basically this should be enough to help fresh level 50s to show some direction on what they should do. If you are not planning to be a raider, it's fine doing just veteran adventures and veteran dungeons. Just don't ever ever go into a veteran dungeon when you have just hit level 50. Upgrade your gear via vet adventures first!! If you didn't see that (even though it's bolded and all), good luck getting scolded by your party mates >< I warned you, lel.

If you aspire to be a raider, put in your name here:,577.0.html
This will let all of us know who will want to raid, and also makes it easier for us to gather a raiding team closer to the achievement of completing attunement.

If you're looking for a veteran adventure/dungeon static team, group up with other level 50s in guild (who are not in a static team already) and put your names here:,576.0.html
You can include info like your team's progression, playing hours, etc.

If you have already started on attunement, why not list your progression here:,571.0.html
This will allow all of us to know if you are stuck at a certain section in attunement, and whether if you need help!