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Well I am new to this forum but I have noticed that this game is not on the list.

Many of you may not know of Arma 3 but it is a Military Simulated game, it is an fps, a 3rd person shooter, a tactical game, open world and can become anything you want it to become as long as you have an imagination.

Recently a mod has been released called Exile which is based on survivability and close player versus player competitiviness, the only way to survive as long as possible is to team up with groups of people or hide under a rock.

I am here to raise interests if anyone would like to group up and play this game together, I've been an Arma 3 fanatic since the beginning of Arma 2 but the lack of mature and passionate gamers has increased.

If you are reading this and do play Arma 3 or are interested in to it and want to give it a go, send me a private mesaage or reply here and I will be more than glad to organise something.

Teamspeak 3 Available
Guidance on all aspects of the game Available
Tutorials on how to use Teamspeak 3 and Arma 3 Available

I have passion for this game therefore I want to bring as many people as possible that lack something in their gaming life.


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