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Ticket System Explained
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There will be 10 tickets a day. For main story quest, you will use one, but they will compensate one later. For tickets that are not used for the day, they will be carried over to a maximum of 30 tickets.

You can opt to claim weekly tickets if you run out, up to 20 weekly tickets per week. Weekly tickets will refill on Thursdays.

VIP level 3 might get extra 2 tickets in their VIP daily goodie bag.
VIP level 5 might also have the 2 extras, but they can claim both level 3 and level 5 goodie bag. So it's a total of 4 extras for VIP level 5 if you manage to win RNG.

You can buy tickets from the secret merchant, up to 7 a day (using game currency), but after the first 3 tickets, the next tickets will be extremely expensive.

For vigor system, there will be exp cap limit per day (see by hovering over exp bar). Once you use up all vigor you will not be able to gain anymore exp till reset. There's no use in comparing levels with players who didn't play for a few days since they will have stocked up vigor.

Any vigor that is not used for the day will be carried over to the next day as double vigor. You gain 2x exp till double vigor is used up and will start to use normal vigor thereafter. There is a cap for double vigor as well.
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