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Boss Compendium/Drop List
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Items in this game shares icons. Please do not imply that since the icon correspond to a drop of one boss, it definitely means it's from that particular boss. Chances are, the tooltip says otherwise. Because of such reasons, I will not be including item icons.

Randall: If for some reason a particular part is not dropping, it might be from breaking. From past monster hunter experience there are some parts that are gotten only from capturing.

Chapter 1 bosses:

Bulldrom 大野猪王

Drops: Bulldrom's Mane (大野猪王的鬃), Jaws (大野猪王的牙), Skin (大野猪的皮), Hoof (大野猪王的蹄)
Rare drop(s): Tusk (大野猪王的卷曲牙)

Caesarber 河狸兽

Drops: Caesarber's Fur (温暖的毛皮), Claws (河狸兽的爪), Jaws (河狸兽的牙), Skin (河狸兽的皮)
Break the mouth: Front Teeth (河狸兽的门牙) [Just keep hitting the face there will be a scar after a while]
Rare drop(s): None o.o

Yian Kutku 大怪鸟

Drops: Yian Kutku's Claws (怪鸟的爪), Scale (怪鸟的鳞), Back Shell (怪鸟的背甲), Wings (怪鸟的翼),
Break Ears: Ears (怪鸟的耳)
Rare drop(s): Beak (破损的喙)[Might be from breaking the beak. To be confirmed)

Velocidrome 蓝速龙王

Drops: Velocidrome's Claws (蓝速龙王的爪), Scale (蓝速龙的鳞), Skin (蓝速龙王的皮), Jaws (蓝速龙王的牙)
Break the head: Head Crown (蓝速龙王的头冠)
Rare drop(s): Head Crown (蓝速龙王的头冠)

Chapter 2 bosses:

Gendrome 黄速龙王

Drops: Gendrome's Scale (黄速龙的鳞), Claw (黄速龙王的爪), Skin (黄速龙王的皮), Jaw (黄速龙王的麻痹牙)
Break the head: Head Crown (黄速龙王的头冠)
Rare drop(s): Tail (黄速龙王的尾巴)

Sand Caesarber 沙狸兽

Drops: Sand Caesarber's Skin (沙狸兽的皮), Jaw (沙狸兽的牙), Claws (沙狸兽的爪), Tail Shell (沙狸兽的尾甲
Break the mouth: Front Teeth (沙狸兽的门牙)
Rare drop(s): Sand Storage Sac (储沙裹)

Baelidae 鬼狩蛛

Drops: Baelidae's Claws (鬼狩蛛的爪), Shell (鬼狩蛛的甲壳), Blood (鬼狩蛛的体液), Fur (鬼狩蛛的毛), Web (鬼狩蛛的蛛丝)
Rare drop(s): Eyes (鬼狩蛛的复眼)

Chapter 3 bosses:

Congalala 桃毛兽王

Drops: Congalala's Jaw (桃毛兽王的牙), Large Bone (桃毛兽王的大骨), Claws (桃毛兽王的爪), Skin (桃毛兽王的皮), Fur (桃毛兽王的毛)
Rare drop(s): Light-Coloured Fur (淡彩色的毛)

Gypceros 毒怪鸟

Drops: Gypceros' Head (毒怪鸟的头), Wing (毒怪鸟的翼), Skin (毒怪鸟的皮), Mouth (毒怪鸟的嘴)
Break the head crystal (Also stops it from flashing): Crystal (变异的光水晶)
Rare drop(s): Tail (橡胶质的尾巴)

Chapter 4 bosses:

Cephadrome 沙龙王

Drops: Cephadrome's Liver (沙龙王的储砂袋), Scale (沙龙王的鳞), Teeth (沙龙王的牙), Skin (沙龙王的皮)
Break the Head: Head (弯月之头冠)
Break the top fin: Back Fin(沙龙王的背鳍)
Rare drop(s): Pink Scale (桃色的鳞)

Chramine 沙雷鸟

Drops: Chramine's Mane (火红的鬃毛), Skin (沙雷鸟的皮), Wing (沙雷鸟的翼), Blood (绿色的粘液), Sac (沙雷鸟的嗉袋)
Break the head mane: Chramine's Mane (火红的鬃毛)
Rare drop(s): Red Nose (沙雷鸟的红鼻)

Chapter 5 bosses:

Daimyo Hermitaur 大名盾蟹

Drops: Daimyo Hermitaur's Claws (盾蟹的爪), Shell (盾蟹的甲壳), Legs (盾蟹的脚), Small Shells (盾蟹的小壳), Pincers (盾蟹的钳)
Break the shell at the back(Impact Damage only):  Monoblos Horn(真红之角)
Rare drop(s): Black Pearl (黑珍珠)

Chapter 6 bosses:

Blue Kutku 青怪鸟

Drops: Blue Kutku's Back Shell (青怪鸟的背甲), Wings (青怪鸟的翼), Scale (青怪鸟的鳞), Claws (青怪鸟的爪)
Break the head: Ears (青怪鸟的耳)
Rare drop(s): Beak (青怪鸟的鸟喙)

Chapter 7 bosses:

Khezu 电龙

Drops: Khezu's Electric Pouch (低压的电气袋), Wing (电龙的翼), Skin (电龙的皮), Jaws (电龙的牙)
Break the skin: Meat (白化里脊肉)[You will see multiple scars on the skin
Rare drop(s): Tail Suction (电龙的吸盘) (lol)

Chapter 8 bosses:

Basarios 岩龙

Drops: Basarios' Shell (岩龙的甲壳), Abdomen Shell (岩龙的腹甲), Tail (岩龙的尾巴), Wing (岩龙的翼), Head Shell (岩龙的头壳), Back Shell (岩龙的背壳)
Rare Drop(s): Tear (岩龙的泪)

Chapter 9 bosses:

Hypnocatrice 眠鸟

Drops: Hypnocatrice's Feather (眠鸟的羽毛), Beak, Tail Feather (七色的尾羽), Claw (眠鸟的爪), Drowsy Liquid (need better name pls) (稀释的眠液), Liquid Sac (破损的眠袋)
Rare Drop(s): Stomach Stones (眠鸟的胃石) (better name again)

Chapter 10 bosses:

Golden Congalala 金毛兽王 (Congalala sub-species)

Drops: Golden Congalala's Claws (金毛兽王的爪), Head Crown (金毛兽王的头冠), Large Bone (金毛兽王的大骨), Fur (金毛兽王的毛), Skin (金毛兽王的皮), Teeth (金毛兽王的牙)
Rare drop(s): Light Gold Fur (淡金色的毛)

Will be updated at higher levels

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