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Hunter Star Levels
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Hunter Star Levels are important due to the fact that the last 2 talent slots are unlocked at 3* and 4* Hunter levels respectively. My guess is Silver stars are enough, while Gold stars are for swag points. All hunters are 1* silver by default.

1* GOLD requirements:

Acquire Caesarber, Baelidae, Gypceros, Chramine armor sets.

Clear the following in 4 minutes and in Challenge Mode:

Gendrome, Baelidae, Sand Caesarber, Gypceros, Congalala, Chramine

1* to 2* SILVER requirements:

Break heads of:

Sand Caesarber
Yian Kutku

Break abdomen of:


2* GOLD requirements(Edit by Randall: just clear any 2 of the listed requirements):

Perform weapon breakthrough 5x.

Acquire the following accessories (done more easily if you have a guild shop):

Pearl Ring (真珠戒指)
Explosive Ring (火药戒指)
Lightning Amber (雷光琥珀)
Dark Night (not Knight, pls) Ornament (黑夜饰戒)
Fluorescing Wooden Ring (凝霜木指环)

2* to 3* SILVER requirements:


Daimyo Hermitaur
Blue Kutku
Golden Congalala

Complete challenge modes and attain Platinum medal for:
Golden Congalala

Note: You can have only a few stars being golden. Eg. You are 3* Silvers, you can do the achievement for 1* or 2* Gold depending on what you like. It's not compulsory that you have to do 3* Gold. But for each gold achievement, you will only be rewarded with 1 gold star. I've listed the objectives as 1*/2* Gold objectives, meaning that it requires you to be 1*/2* to even have the info entry in your achievement book.

Note2: You can only get the next star level after filling up the bar that is shown on the first page when you press J.

To be updated once... I reach nearer to end-game ==
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