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Author Topic: Monster Naming Notebook for MH newbies (like me)  (Read 1262 times)

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Monster Naming Notebook for MH newbies (like me)
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Certain bosses in MHO were in previous MH games, so usually their MH names are used, which can be a problem for players new to MH. Imma list descriptions for the boss' proper namings.

Caesarber - Brown beaver seen in the tutorial battle. Usually the one in a forest map.

Yian Kutku - Red coloured bird monster

Bulldrom - Wild boar

Velocidrome - Blue velociraptor/dino

Gendrome - Yellow Velociraptor/dino

Sand Caesarber - Yellow beaver, usually in desert maps. Usually confused with the normal caesarber.

Baelidae - Spidey that looks like a crab but shoots webs

Congalala - Pink baboon

Gypceros - Yian kutku look alike, shoots poison and can stun with its crystal on its head. Try to break the crystal.
Cephadrome - Fish/stingray hybrid, loves to dive under the sand and jump up at players. Use a sonic bomb to force it out of the sand or stand below the tall rock structure in map 7 so that it smashes into the rock ceiling if it jumps out.

Chramine - Yian kutku with a sac at its chin and has a red mane on its head. Shoots electrified goo that explodes.

Daimyo Hermitaur - Red crab

Blue kutku - Kinda self-explanatory. Just get out of its charging path or get burned @@

Khezu - Possibly the most disgusting boss in this game. The best description of it is a raw, chopped up chicken that is defeathered and have no eyes. Mainly uses lightning attacks.

Basarios - Kinda like a rock yian kutku. Beware if it dives underground: it might dig far away from the party and resurface while shooting a laser across the map. Do a leaping jump at the right timing to dodge the laser.

Hypnocatrice - Looks like a yian kutku that is orange. It sounds different from typical kutkus and shoots liquid that can make your character sleep.

Golden congalala - Golden baboon. The weakest spot is its face as compared to the normal pink one which is weak on its fur and face.

Shogun Cenataur - Blue crab with smaller pincers than Daimyo

Yellow Baelidae - Yellow-purple Baelidae with horns on its shell

Estrellian - Also nicknamed as star dragon. It's the one you chase away by spamming ultis/ougis on.