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[Guide] Dolphin Booster Top Up
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Tried the trial and like Dolphin but no idea how to top it up?

Go to and decide which plan to use. Here are the informations on each:

Normal VIP Member: Availability of China servers for CN-based games
Silver VIP Member: Availability of both China servers and overseas servers for both CN and overseas games.
Gold VIP Member: China servers, overseas servers and high-grade overseas servers for both CN and overseas games.

My recommendation would be to get just the Normal VIP Member if you only play Revelation CN. Dolphin only opens the use of free and China VIP servers for Revelation CN, so if you have Silver and Gold, you can't use those overseas servers.
However, some other games require you to use a minimum of China VIP servers (meaning that you can't use free server for those games).

Done making a decision? Feel free to run the page with Google Translate since the translations are quite accurate. Keep this page open and move to the next step.

Go to and choose 盛大一卡通, as well as the value you wanna buy (must be slightly more or equal to the price of your plan). Click 购买 after that.

Next few a pretty much self-explanatory since most of the site's in English. Choose Paypal Checkout, then click Instant Buy.  It will open a new page, wait for it to redirect you to Paypal.

I'm sure you guys know how to use Paypal. Try to use your Paypal account since it has an email. Otherwise, manually key it in (IMPORTANT because they will send receipt info to your email)

After payment, you will be redirected to another page with the card info. Go back to the Dolphin link in the beginning of this guide and sign in by pressing 登录 at the top right hand side. Choose your plan by clicking on it.

You will be redirected to this page. Click on 更多 followed by 盛大卡 in the dropbox. Click the blue button at the bottom. .

Click the blue button again

Your original page will now look like that

At the same time, you'll be redirected to an external page in orange. From the top, card number, card pin number, value, captcha. Make sure you choose the value that you bought from cn-usa. Click the orange button once all info is in place.

Go back to the original Dolphin page and click the highlighted box:

Login to Dolphin booster and check if there's a timer below your ID. That's how much time you have left for the VIP you just bought and also proof that the purchase was successful.
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