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Frequently Asked Questions
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We have played Revelation a year ago, before the NA version is announced. I will list a list of FAQ here and I hope that they can give you more information about the game, as well as answer any questions you may have about the game. If you have any questions, you may ask them and I will try to answer them as accurately as possible. I may occasionally make mistakes but please pardon me as I am only human. Yes, I speak and understand Chinese. If you have any questions that need to be answered URGENTLY, you may look for me on my Discord at​. If you just wanna join for a chat, you're also most welcome! NOTE: This FAQ is based on Revelation CN. There may be changes in Revelation NA.


1. Money Matters
2. Guild
3. Classes
4. Game Content
5. End Game

1. Money Matters

Q: Is this game P2W?
A: Depends on how you interpret it. However, for me, I do not see it as P2W. It is more of a pay for convenience. All the gears can be obtained in game normally from raids, dungeons and crafting.

Q: What is the cash shop like?
A: The cash shop is built around cosmetic items mainly. Most of the items sold in the cash shop are costumes, mounts and wings. There are VIP packages too.

Q: What do the VIP packages give?
A: Potions, buffs, etc depending on the package you buy. Think of it as a little boost. There is nothing P2W about in the VIP packages.

Q: How many in-game currencies are there?
A: 2. Tradable and non-tradable.

Q: What is a tradable currency?
A: Tradable currency is mainly used to buy things from the auction house or convert to cash shop currency to buy cash shop items.

Q: What is a non-tradable currency?
A: A non-tradable currency is mainly used to buy things from in-game NPC and leveling up your in-game skills.

Q: How do I obtain tradable currency?
A: Quests, Exorcism (驱魔) weekly and selling things in auction house.

Q: How do I obtain non-tradable currency?
A: Quests.


2. Guild

Q: Is there a Guild system in this game?
A: Yes!

Q: Is there Guild land in this game?
A: Yes! It is HUGE!

Q: Are there Guild wars in this game?
A: Yes!

Q: What does the Guild land have?
A: Many! Guild Hall, Guild Bank, Martial Arts Hall, Theme Park, etc.

Q: Are there Guild Quests?
A: Yes. You are recommended to do them daily to contribute to the Guild. The Guild uses resources to maintain as well as build Guild buildings.

Q: What does the Guild tab show?
A: IGN, Level, Class, Guild Contribution (Yes. You can track to see if any of your members are slacking or leeching!)

Q: Can I be a One-Man Guild?
A: Not really. You will not be able to get the Guild buffs and benefits. You also won't be able to gather enough resources to maintain the Guild and it will eventually disband.

Q: How does the Guild system work?
A: The Guild uses resources to maintain and build buildings. If there are not enough resources for a period of time or if the Guild goes inactive, the Guild will AUTOMATICALLY DISBAND. Therefore, every member needs to do their part for the Guild and contribute.

Q: Anything else special about the Guild system in this game?
A: Yes! There is a 50-Man Guild mount!


3. Classes

Q: How many classes are there in this game?
A: 6.

Q: What are the classes in this game and their roles?
•Blade Master (光刃) - Main DPS/ Off-Tank
•Sword Mage (玉虚) - DPS
•Spirit Shaper (灵珑) - Healer
•Gun Slinger (炎天) - DPS
•Vanguard (神堂) - Main Tank/ Off-DPS
•Occultist (流光) - Main DPS/ Off-heal


4. Game Content

Q: Is there PvP in this game?
A: Yes

Q: What are the ways to level up in this game?
A: Quests, Dailies, Weeklies, and AFK-ing in the spa.

Q: AFK-ing in the spa gives me exp too?
A: Yes. However, you need to use wine and food. They can be dropped from mobs or bought from the NPC. Each time you use food/ wine, 100 points are deducted from your cap of food and wine categories respectively. You gain 100 points daily for each category and they are capped at 500.

Q: What PvE contents are there?
A: Dungeons, World Boss and Raids.

Q: Is there a Marriage system?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there Housing system?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there crafting or gathering system in this game?
A: Yes. Both.

Q: Is there treasure hunting in this game?
A: Yes.

Q: Are there 2-player mounts?
A: Yes.

Q: Do they give free permanent wings or they can only be bought from cash shop?
A: They give free permanent wings. It also can be upgraded later with an item from a quest for faster speed.

Q: Can I fly anywhere and everywhere with my wings?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I run on water?​
A: Yes.

Q: Is there a Master and Apprentice system?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there a friendship system?
A: Yes. You can build more friendship points with your friends by partying with them to do quests/ dungeons, etc together. You can also send them in-game gifts to boost the friendship points.

Q: Do I get free stuffs from daily log-in?
A: Yes. They are pretty generous with giving free stuffs.

Q: Are there any special events?
A: Yes. MANY! You will have your standard in-game special events such as Theme Park where you can play games within a game and win in-game prizes. There are also occasional special events where the grand prize is a GTX 1080! The GMs are pretty active too and they will ask trivia questions a few times daily and winners will get to win prizes!


I will update the list when I get more questions.
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