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[Guide] Grand Bulwark Expert
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Grand Bulwark Expert

Clear the trash mobs and focus on those with healing aura (green +++ aura on the body).

Next phase: Scissors Paper Stone event.

Win: Shortcut route which lets you fight a bonus boss (Northern Wolf Child).
Lose: Long route with more trash mobs and catapults. No bonus boss.

Northern Wolf Child (Bonus Boss)

Tank pull the boss to one of the corners to prevent the boss from running all over the place.

The boss skill to keep a lookout for is Laser - The boss will choose a random party member and shoot laser at his/ her direction and deal YUUUGE damage. A RED LINE will appear before the laser is fired. Dodge immediately if you are in the area of the red line.

The boss's AOE ability is raising his two short (HAHAHA!) front legs and slam them down. It deals damage and knock back for those who get hit.

The boss’s RUSH ability is a rush charge that usually targets whoever has the highest aggro. It deals damage and knock back for those who get hit.

At 10% Hp, the boss will hit Enrage mode. He will not use any another abilities except RUSH.

Samul and Gohn

Samul is the mage boss and Gohn is the melee boss.

•Split into 2 parties with 1 main tank and 1 off-tank in different party, 1 healer in each party and the rest DPS.
•Main and off-tank tank the bosses at the opposite corners of the map.
•Each party is to kill their own boss.
•Make sure to keep Samul and Gohn's HP difference within 10% of each other.
•Kill wolf adds ASAP! Wolf adds gives shield buff to the 2 bosses if not killed in time. Also, kill the mage phantoms ASAP - they mark a party member to AOE stun the surrounding party members.

Samul’s ability 1 - He casts an AOE blue circle around his perimeter. As soon as you see a glowing circle around him, and if you are inside the perimeter, dodge out of the circle immediately!

Samul’s ability 2 - He casts orbs.

1 purple and 2 blue orbs will chase a random target. The blue orb deals damage over time and the purple orb deals DEADLY DAMAGE (High magic resistance reduce the damage of the orbs).

Blue orbs: Vanguards are able to soak the blue orbs' damage using the Light Shield skill.

Purple orbs: Purple orbs's damage can be soaked by Spiritshaper's Sanctification skill (50% damage reduction) or fox form. Swordmage can use Temporary Starshield skill and Occultist can use Nirvana skill.

**The most effective method** - Blademaster takes all the orbs using Adrenaline skill (HP drops to 1 and provides immunity to any control effect or damage for 5 seconds).

Samul is able to place a HP recovery buff on himself or on Gohn. The most effective way to remove this buff will be - Gunslinger learned Intermediate Scroll 1 for the Oblivion Bomb skill and purge this buff from the bosses. 2 points in Intermediate Scroll 1 Oblivion Bomb is enough for the purge (100% chance to purge).

Other classes that can purge are Blademaster's Hunting Light skill and Occultist by blowing up the dark totem.

Gohn's ability in 3 star difficulty is Dragon Chop. This skill has a cast time of 4 seconds. Vanguards will need to use Dragon Grasp to break Dragon Chop before Gohn finish casting because it deals a YUUUGE amount of damage to anyone around the boss (usually enough to wipe out the entire raid team).

Gohn's second ability is an AOE where he marks a random party member with a red marker. After a short period of time, Gohn will deal damage on the targeted area around the party member with the red marker. Move away from the targeted area immediately OR the random party member with the red marker, get away from the raid team.

At 50% HP, Gohn will start casting Laguna Blade. This is a wipe if the Vanguard fails to interrupt it. The Vanguard has 4 seconds to use Dragon Grasp before Gohn finish casting Laguna Blade. It will be RECOMMENDED to slow down DPS close to 50% for the Vanguard to cancel Laguna Blade first before DPSing past 50%.

The Enrage timer for the Samul and Gohn is 8 minutes.

Before the next boss, you can avoid the next set of trash mobs by jumping the platforms and turning the switch. Be careful to not pull any of the trash mobs when you are landing on the ground. They do not disappear after activation of the switch.

The Rock (Mini Boss)

At 40% HP, The Rock will cast a shield on itself and summon a few adds. Kill the adds and kill the boss.


Phase 1:

At 80-85% HP, 4 archers will spawn at Circle 2 as shown on the image above. All the DPS need to focus and kill the 4 archers ASAP. The archers will cast an AOE - Rain of Arrows, a blue circle on the ground which does DEADLY damage and applies a slow debuff on party members when hit.

At 75% HP, 4 alligators will spawn at Circle 3 as shown on the image above. They will shoot laser at random party members. Similar to the Northern Wolf Child boss, a red line will appear before the laser is fired. Dodge immediately if you are in the area of the red line. It is recommended to focus DPS on one of them and kill them starting at 6 o’clock and move clockwise.

At 50% HP, 4 mages will spawn at Circle 2. Focus DPS on them to bring them down ASAP as they heal the boss if they are not killed. At 30% HP, 4 melee warriors will spawn at Circle 2. At that stage, dodge the warriors and just focus burn the boss down to 10% HP to begin Phase 2.

Earkus ability is Hammer Smash. Every time when Earkus raises his hammer, jump or double jump in the air to avoid knock down and deadly damage. Hammer Smash has a range of 20 meter radius around the boss. If you get hit, pot up immediately as the boss will chase after you for awhile although the tank does not lose aggro. Therefore, the golden rule is DON'T GET HIT. It is not the tank's fault if the boss chases after you!

Another mechanic to take note of is AOE(s) on the ground (Quicksand). It applies slow effect on you and gives the boss a stack for each party member standing on the AOE. Initially when this skill is cast, the boss starts with 1 stack and for each and every party member that stands on the AOE thereafter, they will add a stack to the boss buff bar. Once it reaches 9 stacks, the boss will do a AOE that damages ALL party members which will wipe the raid. The strategy for this mechanic will be - do NOT stand on the AOE, but if it reaches 8 stacks, make sure all the party members are at full HP and use your defensive skill to tank this AOE. The tank will intentionally trigger the 9th stack. Heal up immediately if resorting to this strategy is necessary.

Phase 2:

Every time the boss howls, it will paralyze you for 5 seconds. It has a 10 meter radius. Then 4 wolves will spawn in each corner as shown in Circle 3 on the image above.

After the wolves, the boss will scream “Qu Si Ba” and smash the ground 5 times. In 1 and 2 star difficulty, there are platforms to stand on to avoid this ability. However, in 3 star difficulty, there are no platforms to stand on. Everyone is required to jump to avoid this ability as it does deadly damage and 1-2 shot people. Therefore, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE IT A HABIT TO RELY ON THE PLATFORM.

In 3 star difficulty, it is very important to make sure you jump the Ground Smash as each time a person gets hit, the boss will gain 1 stack and once the boss reaches 10 stacks, he will heal himself. Every stack gained will also buff the boss's defensive and offensive power.

Platforms: Only 1 party member is allowed to stand on the platform to avoid the Ground Smash damage. The platform will disappear if 2 players stand on it.

Mechanic: The boss will randomly teleport a party member to the middle and that person is unable to do anything and trapped in the blue circle. 2 spirit wolves will spawn at 9 and 3 o’clock. The DPS will need to kill the spirit wolves before it reaches the middle and touch the blue circle as it will cause a team wipe or if the person in the middle dies it is also a wipe. Important thing to note: If anyone else other than the party member who is teleported stands in the blue circle, it will increase the spirit wolves' speed to reach the middle.

This is when the mechanic will occur -

1 star difficulty: Boss 50% HP
2 star difficulty: Boss 50% and 10% HP
3 star difficulty: Boss 70%, 50%, 30%, and 10% HP
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