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Author Topic: Founders Packs Announced + Review of Founders Packs  (Read 2730 times)

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Founders Packs Announced + Review of Founders Packs
« on: August 26, 2016, 12:33:26 AM »

The Founders Packs are announced! You may check them out here: https://ro.my.com/en/founders-packs

I will probably get the cheapest pack to at least support them because this is a great game. If anyone wishes to join the Guild, please check out http://esf.link/tygld

We will be organizing static teams for members, so don't miss out. Remember to join our Discord Group at http://esf.link/eindsc

Here is my review of the founders packs:

I was excited when the founders pack got announced and wanted to get the most expensive pack. After further analyzing the packs, personally for me I don't think it is worth the 90USD for the most expensive pack. This is my personal opinion and it may be different for others aka they may find it worth it. This is up to individual but here is my breakdown:

1. NO cash shop credits.
2. NO name reservation.
3. Those scrolls (Exploration/ Wisdom/ Combat) can be bought in-game with in-game tradable currency which can be earned at a reasonable rate (unless they make it difficult for the NA version or removed the system so that you have to spend real cash).
4. The Seraphim wings look so identical to the free wings in game.
5. You get free horse mount in game and also class mount.
6. All the stuffs in the founders packs are character bound and not account bound.
7. The premium status is not significant.
8. No details of what is in the Starters Pack.
9. You get free class outfits in game.
10. There are cooler titles in game.

Overall I think it is just the fat cat mount that makes the pack expensive I guess.

Once again, just for clarification purpose, this is just my personal opinion and do not reflect the opinion of others nor did I force my opinion on others. Thanks.

Happy buying whichever founders packs you think suits you best! :)