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Author Topic: [Guide]How to get 3* Unparalleled Skill Pages  (Read 2876 times)

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[Guide]How to get 3* Unparalleled Skill Pages
« on: August 30, 2016, 07:59:13 AM »
Go to 星纪城 coordinates: 1640, 1332, 120

Talk to the NPC as shown in picture. It will bring up a window. Go to this tab:

I'm sure you guys know how the pages look like. Click on it.

Currency explanation:

Each 3* page will cost 2020 Ausgyth Points. If you exchanging with 2* pages, you will be given a discount of 125 points. So that means ~17 2* pages will earn you one free 3* page.

2* page drops:

Chance of dropping in Four Kings dungeon, as well as other dungeons and newbie rewards

Ausgyth points:

You can get them through newbie rewards and through Guardian weekly reward (Not Order quest reward, but you still have to do some of the quest to have enough contribution points for weekly reward eligibility).

Other ways of getting 3* pages:

1. Exchange with demon orbs (妖精宝珠)
2. Cash shop
3. Chance of drop when using boss weakening charm
4. Chance of drop from world boss
5. Chance of drop from Misty Hollows (45).
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