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Newbie Startup Guide
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Level 1-20: No choice but to follow story quest till you complete solo Darkfall

After 20:

Press V, blue tab, and unlock the first row. This allows you to use storage, set up stall stand, and increases your Scour Dungeon cap.

You get a variety of quests. You will want to focus on Orange (tutorial) > Dailies (U button) > Purple (recommended to do when you're waiting for people) > Yellow (main quest).

Orange quest is important as it unlocks important features of the game. Make sure to check your quest log for available Orange quests often as you might miss them.

Dailies are your main chunk of activity/exp/income source. It is best to complete all dailies in U button everyday. But if you are not able to: Guild Daily > Demonslaying > Guardian Trials > Darkfall Daily (if you still have it) > Four Kings > Scour Dungeon > Hot Spring > Poacher's Market.

For on-the-ball players, if you are looking for more, do everything (or as much as possible since its a mix of PvP, group, small events, etc) in the O menu.