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Author Topic: Ozyman, interested in finding a home.  (Read 665 times)

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Ozyman, interested in finding a home.
« on: May 16, 2017, 02:13:51 PM »
Hello all,

I hope all is well.  I have played many online games, strategy (starcraft, aoe, etc.) as well as many mmo games - both PVP and PVE centric games (Everquest, Rift, Darkfall, EQ2, Elder Scrolls, Aion, Wildstar, Star Wars, Swtor, Revelation, etc.) 

I have found that having a good group of friends is more important than the game play itself.  So, I am looking that "good group of friends".  I am a laid back and chill gamer.  I enjoy the teamwork as much as anything else.

Anyway, I hope to meet you all in game soon!

Cheers to you all!