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Author Topic: [Q&A] Stage 2 Internal Skill (Neigong)  (Read 1789 times)

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[Q&A] Stage 2 Internal Skill (Neigong)
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There are generally two ways of getting the stage 2 internal skill (neigong).

First way is to reach Stage 1 Internal Skill, Level 30. Now let us term it as 1NG30. Your school master will give you quest for it then.

Second way is to pump your Jianghu influence to 30k and beyond. You will then be able to exchange your School Tokens for the stage 2 Internal Skill. Note that the exchange method does not require you to be 1NG30. You can raise your Jianghu influence through Jianghu Instances like Salt Gang, Tiger Mountain, Green Cloud Castle, etc.

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