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Title: [Guide][Free]NetEase UU Booster Guide
Post by: Mion on August 28, 2016, 12:58:33 PM
NOTE: Extent of lowered ping will differ for each region!


http://uu.163.com/ Press the green "free download" button and wait for it to finish downloading.


Open the installer. The 3 tickboxes option from the top are "Agree to TOC, create a desktop shortcut, run booster when PC starts up" Click 更换 to change your installation location. Click the green button to continue.

After it's done installing + the firewall notification stuff, you should get this:


Click on the + button and search for 天谕


Click on that, then click on the game:


Choose the megaserver you are playing in. If you're not sure, click each one and search for your server. For those who play on 金玉满堂, the megaserver is 龙之觉醒.

After you chose your server, it should start boosting. After it's done:


Click 开始游戏 to start playing. It will prompt you for your game location. Just browse for your tystart.exe :>