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Age Of Wushu / Re: GCC Hard Signup
« on: February 04, 2013, 01:36:19 AM »
Preferred timeslots: Thursday 8pm and Saturday 3pm
IGN: HeJie
School: RG
2NG level: 25
Total External Defence (unbuffed): 1304
Weiqi: Yes. Level: 5
Buddha Light: No. Who in the..xxx..would have Buddha Light.  ::)

Mero: Yea i think the 3rd slot timing needs to be reconsiderd.

I feel strongly that we should knock GCC Hard out in 2 hours or less. Let us work towards that pls.

Buy some pills from your friendly herbalists/poison makers if necessary.

Age Of Wushu / Re: Sparta Reenactment
« on: February 01, 2013, 05:27:29 PM »
was about to tell the whole world your sin until i realize its a patrolling disciple....Next time go WV TP area and kick off players!  ::)

Guides and Walkthrough / Re: Green Castle Hard Preparation
« on: January 31, 2013, 12:59:24 PM »
Thanks Duke and Ucanius for organising the coming raid.

Just to provide a bit more clarity on how I see investment in gear since its going to be a serious requirement for coming raids.

Gear levels

As we all know currently there are 4 categories of gear in the open: wood, iron, copper and silver. (there are lower levels i.e a low silver with 46 instead of 54 def. within each but thats beyond the scope of discussion)

Silver gear is about the best you can get for quite a while until silver tier 2, gold and jade come out. However that being said, the next tiers are actually quite expensive to make and enhance and i don't forsee us using them for quite a while.

Enhancement types

The number of layers you can enhance for gear depends on its type. So its 2 times (I think) for wood and Iron, while its 4 times for copper and silver.

Layer enhancements work as below
First layer - External def
2nd Layer - Attribute
3rd Layer - External def
4th Layer - Attribute

However, the range of attributes you can get does not scale according to level. i.e your iron gear may routinely come up with much higher range of external def values as compared to copper gear. This is actually consistent since it is more expensive to enhance iron than copper.

Enhancement bonus

External def bonus - Whatever your external defence is shown on the gear, is actually multiplied by a factor (of 10?). i.e +15 external def is actually +150 def for u.

Attribute bonus - The 2nd level of enhancement will determine the gear's neigong type. i.e it can either yin/yang/taichi. If its not your neigong type, basically wearing it will not give you the attribute. If its not your ng type, it shows up in red. Key consequence is that if you simply enhance it one level then wear it, if you later enahnce it again, you get a one in three chance of something u can't use. And further, you may find the attribute to be something you don't want or can't use due to limiting capacity in your neigong. More on this later.

How to enhance
Now this is the point where partnerships come into play. The type of material requirements are as below

First layer - stuff made by poison maker
2nd layer - stuff made by tailor
3rd layer - stuff made by poison maker again (but higher lvl)
4th layer - stuff made by tailor (but higher lvl)

I dont have the info off hand (someone can fill in the blanks later) but basically u would need to contact your friendly guildies for the stuff, buy/trade them if you can from them.

How to make sense of Duke's post and how all this affects the raid

600 external defence is really quite easy to get. Most of you already should have 300-400 external as base defence. Which means all you need is about 2 or 3 enhancements only.

Now next, why did Duke say copper specifically and not silver? I think because it is more cost effective to enhance copper as compared to silver, especially if you're only going to do 1 enhancement on it and wait for your dream silver to come. Now I personally don't have a full set of copper but my external def is high enough that I can tank the boss as long with array/music/pill for a while. End of the day is, all of you should at least be able to take some hits.

I don't actually have much copper gear for sale at the moment, all disassembled already but they should be easily available on the market in any case. People only want the best, but have no idea of the tradeoff they have to make. Some people just wait for months before getting any gear, which just means you can't farm instances effectively --> no recipe --> slow/no progression. I always cringe when hearing people buy recipes because these things are a dime a dozen if we're moving forwad. There's no reason to buy them at exorbitant prices if we can easily farm them ourselves.

Some external defence would make you that much harder for assasins and bosses to not 1-hit you. gotta try it to believe it. The same thinking goes behind weapons, its dirt cheap to get a copper and enhance them and you only lose a little bit of dmg, i routinely hunt for copper weapons with weapon enhancements for cheap. If you use a weapon, you should get a copper one at least.

Feel free to ask other questions if unclear and see you in game.

Guides and Walkthrough / Re: Green Castle Hard Preparation
« on: January 25, 2013, 09:24:26 AM »
Whassup Pork. Cool man, I need to chiong my weiqi, anybody got <<End>> can gib me.  :)

Waiting for more friendly guildies to support the thread.

Using myself as benchmark, it looks like most pple should be 2ng13 or 14 by this sat night. Recommend chiong with 1NG36 if all still keen.

Age Of Wushu / Loot
« on: January 24, 2013, 04:11:03 PM »
Long wall of text continues........

I think some people were concerned that they might not get what they want in instances and were looking into the possibility of having a point system to distribute the loot that drops. My experience is that AoW and say, WoW are different, in that they don't lock you out, so you can basically do many runs, and hence with sufficient runs, you'd get what you want.

In the malaysia cubi server, no one ever fights over recipes, or buys them for obscene amounts of money, because everyone understands its just a matter of time. If you're really keen, you'd simply talk to the person who won it and buy from him. This is a philosophical thing, which perhaps is not the same thing here. We'd have to come to some consensus eventually, but just saying, I'd not be keen to support a complex system that just makes the whole thing too serious.

That being said, I understand that recipes are always touchy at the start as there are always carrots to chop. So my suggestion is recipes could be priced at a fixed amount each, and that people who attend, are rolling for their mains get first dibs to buy it outright. The money can then go to the guild.

Alternatively, the other loot system,  is more complex and takes much more organisation and is based on the premise that the guild is tightly knit, and that there is a well-oiled system of churning gear out efficiently with people specialising in farming specific mats for enhancements (eg, im a master hunter that skins x 2), that can gear up serious members of the guild. So in a sense there will be real "guild crafters" who are committed to churn out the gear for the guild.

Flying skills, on the other hand, should definitely be free for all, with the understanding that if you already won one, (eg. Ucanius hehe...) then you shouldn't roll for it if they drop. Limited Jianghu skills, like heartless blade and stuff should always be FFA. Trust me, I've come out of many 24 man raids empty handed.

2 cents

Guides and Walkthrough / Green Castle Hard Preparation
« on: January 24, 2013, 04:01:33 PM »
Hi Everyone

I was spurred by the discussion on when and how we should start on our many deaths for GC Hard so thought I'd kickstart the whole process here. Like u all know, I play on the malaysia server on cubi, but usually i just turn up and kill stuff, so the intricacies of planning / managing a raid group may not be there (and I hope the usual group leaders for GC normal, eg. Duke can help out here)

If you haven't already, check out the strategy guide for GC Hard: http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/263/20120709/Forbidden_Ground_Fort_Qing_Yun_Guide_Updated_Hard_Mode-4ffae03e1b9127413-1.html (courtesy of ccbren  ;D)

Without further ado, lets get to the requirements.

Class Make-up
2 Tanks (Wudang)
2 Emei (with level 5 Buddha)
2 Tangmen (for added bonus with smoke)
The rest I'm pretty easy, but good if we can have a Scholar to recover health / add dmg

Level requirement
1NG36 or 2NG20

Profession requirement
2 Chess Players with defence and health recovery strategy respectively [I can be one, but only level 4 by this sat. Need 1 more]
1 Musician [Can try having one but may not be worth at our lvl. If you musician pls go ahead to suggest what to play, then we can discuss]

Gear requirement
I/m not sure if we should stipulate this, but I think it would be fair for the rest of team that you should be reasonably geared, with perhaps at least 2/3 pieces of full enhanced silver at least for the tank, and at least a copper weapon (if u use it) for the rest.

Other equipment
We would need all the help we can get, so
Health and energy pots: at least 2 of each for each fight - Both these can be made by herbalists, which I believe we have a couple in the guild. If you're signing up and a herbalist, pls volunteer yourself to provide some for a token some. Btw I'm herbalist also, can supply a couple of them to the tanks. Basically, out of internal energy is not an acceptable line.
- Food [Good to have]
- Poison [Good to have]

My plan is for us to do the first run as soon as we hit 2NG20 but as I know you guys may already be raring to go this sat, so let's just see what we can come up with.

Pls express your interest to attend and give your feedback. Everything (well almost) is open to discussion.

A word on loot: too long to write here and don't want to dilute the topic, so check out the other thread.

Age Of Wushu / Re: IGN List
« on: January 04, 2013, 08:27:19 PM »
Hello people. Hejie here.  :) Took a while to get here but made it.

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