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Age Of Wushu / [Promotion] February 7, 2013
« on: February 07, 2013, 09:04:01 PM »
Yes, promotion was supposed to be done last Sunday. But never fear! We Officers have finally rolled around to finishing them! Here are those awesome peeps who totally deserve the bump in status for all the help they've been XD

Spare --> Primary

Primary --> Mid-Level

The rewards will be sent shortly! The next promotion day is next Sunday, February 17. Until then, please continue to enjoy the game, and chip in every now and then :P  For details on HOW can you contribute, please click here. For details on WHAT to donate to, please click here. And don't worry, we Officers are keeping a REALLY detailed record of everyone's progress, so if you are eligible to be promoted, you'll definitely get it the next promotion day =)  Until the next time, cheerios~!

Age Of Wushu / [Announcement] Latest Donation Goals
« on: February 07, 2013, 08:58:42 PM »
Our current goal: Main Hall [Blueprints] Level 3

Upcoming goal: Main Hall [Building] Level 3

*This thread is reserved for announcement purposes. Please do not post in this thread.*

Age Of Wushu / [URGENT] Identifying Alts
« on: February 07, 2013, 02:16:12 AM »
Hey guys, sorry it took me so long to get around to the 2nd round of promotion. At the moment, I'm trying to identify whose alt is whose, so that I can add up contribution points (and also know who I can kick, if we need to :P). If you have an alt inside the guild, please tell me! If you know someone else's alt, also please tell me =)

Use this template:
Main IGN:
Alt IGNs:

Age Of Wushu / request from Kakis
« on: February 06, 2013, 01:32:40 PM »
Apparently, there are a few Vietnamese that entered Kakis, and their GL wants to keep an eye on them first before doing anything. We are to help report to Kakis if these guys do anything funny (ie. PK our members, tarnish their guild's reputation, trash talk other guilds, etc).


Please take screenshots as proof, if possible. But even without screenshots, if you have something to report, just report it :)

Age Of Wushu / I can't come online
« on: January 30, 2013, 08:01:46 AM »
I am a student with extremely bad grades. I have a supplementary exam this Friday. If I fail this exam, my GPA is going to go down so far that I'm going to get kicked out of the university. Not kidding. Therefore, I am not going to come online until Friday. Sorry about this. If you guys have any administrative requests (such as needing invitation, someone from other guild wants to talk to Einsof, etc) please find the other Officers instead. Hope to see you guys again soon! >.<

Age Of Wushu / [2013.01.27] Promotion
« on: January 27, 2013, 11:37:01 PM »
Hi guys! It's the first time we've actually gone through the list of guild members and promoted according to specified numbers. Since it's the first time, we'll consider everyone in this list above Spare to be promoted! :P

Promoted to Primary

Promoted to Mid-Level

Promoted to Advanced

(Yes, there are some who were promoted to Primary even though they had less than 200k contribution. The reason was because then we'd have more spares than the rank cap would allow :'( It was a totally unexpected and quite disappointing surprise. Well, these special promotions were for those who had above 100k contribution, or who was very active in guild chat.)

All of the rewards have been sent out.

Thank you very much to everyone who worked hard before this week! ^^ For your reference, click here for the promotion requirements and also directions for how to increase your contribution points =)

Age Of Wushu / Events To Participate In
« on: January 25, 2013, 09:58:47 AM »
This list is a compilation of events hosted by guilds (both ours and others) that you guys might be interested in joining:

Escort Time
  • Description: We get together and do normal escorts, but together. It's a lot more fun this way, and makes the time fly by!
  • Hosted by: Einsof
  • Location: will be announced in guild
  • Time: every night 8pm-10pm GMT+8

Fight Club
  • Description: There will be dueling, discussing about playstyles and schools, etc
  • Hosted by: GoonTangClub
  • Location: Yanjing 420, 110
  • Time: every day 11:30 GMT+8

Upcoming Wars
Kakis (our ally) against "the viets"
  • Hosted by: Kakis
  • Time: Saturday February 2, 11:30-1:00pm GMT+8

Age Of Wushu / Official Ingame Promotion Criteria
« on: January 18, 2013, 04:30:00 PM »
(Latest Update: February 7, 2013)

  • Spare --> Primary
    • Guild contribution requirement: 200k
    • Strength requirement: One With Nature (at least 1NG20)
    • Reward: 30 Steamed Bread
  • Primary --> Mid
    • Guild contribution requirement: 750k
    • Strength requirement: Spiritually Balanced (at least 1NG35 or 2NG20)
    • Reward: 50 Steamed Bread
  • Mid --> Advanced
    • Guild contribution requirement: 2 million
    • Strength requirement: Expert of Self (at least 2NG30)
    • Reward: 100 Steamed Bread

Promotions will be carried out every other Sunday. The next promotion day will be February 17, so all members have until then to fulfill the requirements of the rank that they desire.  We wish everyone the best of luck!  8)

Oh, and promotions will be posted on the forums as well, so please stay tuned!  ;D

As for those who do not yet know how to raise your guild contribution, here is a brief guide:
There are 3 easy methods:
  • Donate unbound silver
    • unbound silver and guild contribution are on a 1:1 ratio
    • ie. donating 1L unbound silver will give you 1k guild contribution points
    • There are 2 places to donate to:
      • Guild Building Drawings/Blueprints: Before we can upgrade the buildings in our guild base, we need to first upgrade their blueprints. To do this, press H, click on the 3rd tab (Guild Building Drawings), then Donate.
      • Guild Territory Buildings: After upgrading the blueprints, we then need to upgrade the actual building itself. To do this, go to the guild base, go up to the building that you wish to donate to, speak to that building's Doorplate NPC, and then click Donate.
  • Donate materials
    • we currently need the following:
      • iron ingots
      • copper ingots
      • white poplar wood
      • cypress wood
    • There are 2 places to donate to:
      • Guild Building Drawings/Blueprints: Before we can upgrade the buildings in our guild base, we need to first upgrade their blueprints. To do this, press H, click on the 3rd tab (Guild Building Drawings), then Donate.
      • Guild Territory Buildings: After upgrading the blueprints, we then need to upgrade the actual building itself. To do this, go to the guild base, go up to the building that you wish to donate to, speak to that building's Doorplate NPC, and then click Donate.
    • the amount of guild contribution points you get will depend on both the amount and also the grade of the materials that you are donating
  • Run escort missions
    • going through an escort mission once gives the guild 22k silver, and also gives you 11k guild contribution points
    • the best cities to do escort missions at are Suzhou, Luoyang, and Yanjing
      • the time it takes to complete the basic escort missions from these 3 cities differs by about 10s only
    • escort mission at Chengdu is by far the most profitable, but do so with the expectation of being attacked, because that's where all the escort robbers camp
    • also don't do escorts at Jinling, the escort missions there take too long
    • when accepting the escort mission, MAKE SURE that you've selected the fastest cart!
    • you must be in a team to do escort missions, but you can solo it

That's the basic gist of how to get guild contribution. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask in this thread, PM a Hall Leader or Dharmapala, or ask in guild chat. Add oil!

Age Of Wushu / Today's Upcoming Wudang School Meeting
« on: January 14, 2013, 12:41:27 AM »
Sorry I couldn't log on today, guys >.< School starts Monday for me, so it's really hectic getting my schedule together and all that "fun" stuff. Anyways, just wanted to make a sort of announcement: Aerial (from Kakis) has asked for support from any Wudangs in Einsof for the upcoming School Meeting. His goal is apparently to knock off Vietnamese players from the top Wudang seats. Well, if you're around, please give him some support. I'm sure he'd appreciate it!

Well, this is all only IF you're not also aiming for a school title, of course. If you ARE ........... well, let's just say that Einsof will always take priority over Kakis, eh? The best of luck to you!

This was Konoka, over and out. Cheers!

Age Of Wushu / Official Announcement: New Allies!
« on: January 08, 2013, 02:32:55 PM »
Hey guys, we have new allies! Aside from Annihilation, our new allies are Kakis and KoJo. Therefore, be nice to them! Don't PK them, don't attack their escorts, and don't kidnap their members please =)

It's not all just "do nots" though. KoJo has a lot of ingame events, and they welcome Einsof members to participate. Examples include a PVP tournament after script stealing on Saturdays (ingame Saturday) and team tag. They're actually really creative with the ingame mechanisms XD Talk to me if you're interested!

One thing to note, though. KoJo is in a dicey situation with NinjaTurtles, so if their base gets attacked, let's go defend their base! However, we ourselves are not at war with NinjaTurtles, so do NOT kill them on sight. KoJo does not seem to have a lot of interaction with the Viets, so they have no stance on that.

Kakis is another SG guild, and they're quite similar to us. As fellow SGs, let's get along well together ^^ They are don't have as much stuff going on, but their members are also quite active. If you see them ingame, say hi and do stuff together! =)

A final note. Us being allies does not mean that we completely share 100% of their point on view, and it does not mean that our policies are the exact same as theirs. For example, just being KoJo is on bad terms with NinjaTurtles does not automatically mean that we should also be on bad terms with NinjaTurtles. In fact, let's also be nice to NinjaTurtles, OK? Therefore, please do ask me, Mion, Wuming, or Gael if you need confirmation on anything. Thank you!

Age Of Wushu / If you get PKed ...........
« on: January 08, 2013, 12:28:40 PM »
Please, please, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take screenshots when you get PKed (if you want the guild to get involved). I'm all behind you guys in the game, but please understand that without evidence, I can't march up to another guild's Guild Leader and start pointing fingers. I am 100% willing to stand up for you guys, but I need to be given weapons to fight with, and these weapons would have to be provided by you guys. Therefore, I'm counting on you! I won't be able to do anything without your help T_T

On that note, are we really being attacked by Vietnamese players (ie. VietUnited, ThienDiaHoi)? I've been hearing things that people tell me, but I have no solid facts to work with. Some people are telling me that "everyone knows Viets are indiscriminate PKers," but that's way too vague. Who from our guild has been PKed?  By which guild specifically?  Because I don't want this to turn into a racist thing that goes like, "oh you have a Vietnamese name, you must be a PKer, I'll kill you right here right now."  I want solid proof, such as screenshots of your death record, or even screenshots of the actual happening. Based on that, then I can move. And I'm just saying, I AM willing to go to war "with the Viets," as soon as I get good evidence to justify my declaration of war and I understand exactly WHO it is that is our enemy.

Thank you everyone for cooperating! =)

Age Of Wushu / AoW Server Maintenance 4:00pm - 6:00pm (GMT+8)
« on: January 07, 2013, 04:06:10 PM »
If anyone is trying to log into AoW and wondering why you can't, it's because the server is currently undergoing maintenance. It is supposed to last about 2 hours. For your reference.

Age Of Wushu / Sacred Sites Within Our Guild Base
« on: January 07, 2013, 10:26:45 AM »
There are 3 sacred sites inside our guild base: forest, mountain, and water. The following is a guide for how to get to them. Note, however, that getting to the mountain and water sacred sites would require air dash and triple jump.

(For a guide to determining which of the 3 environments is best for you, consult this table.)

These are the general coordinates of the 3 sacred sites:

The forest place is very easy to get to. It is basically behind the stables.

The following is about how to get to the other two sacred sites. First of all, get to the inner left hand corner of the base (the corner between the Warehouse and the Main Hall).

Jump onto the roof.

Turn right, and continue on (in the direction of where the Main Hall is).

Jump up a bit.

Jump to the roof on your right hand side.

Jump onto the roof in front of you. Get to the highest roof of that building.

Here would probably be the trickiest part. You have to get from the roof to the mountain that should have been at your left hand side. Obviously, air dash is necessary here. You might also want to jump thrice before initiating air dash in order to cover more distance in the air.

If you've successfully gotten to the mountain side, then all the hard part is done. From here, if you turn left, you'll go to the mountain sacred site. If you turn right, you'll go to the water sacred site (the directions are reversed in the picture because my character turned around).

Here is the mountain sacred site!

Here is the water sacred site!

Age Of Wushu / Guild's first complete GC run
« on: January 07, 2013, 09:57:30 AM »
Haha it's a day late, but here are the SS we took in commemoration of AoW Einsof's first complete guild GC run! The date was January 5th, 2013, and the team consisted of Linghu, Ucanius, Konoka, WhiteMan27, Alver, and MaertaiRuoxi.

The best of luck to whoever else is going to challenge GC again! One of the threads in this forum holds the link to a very good guide, so read it when you can =) May the odds be over in your favor!

Age Of Wushu / OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Incident with I.N.K. on Dec 31, 12
« on: January 01, 2013, 10:29:26 AM »
This is the entirety of the incident:

1) Mero (Einsof) was using a silkworm stand.
2) Someone from I.N.K. came and used the stand in the brief interval when Mero was tending to another stand.
3) Without warning, Mero PKed the I.N.K. player.
4) The I.N.K. VL came to 'help.'
5) A few of our guys also went to 'help.'
6) General chaos ensued, with PKing starting on both sides. I.N.K. officers attempted to contact Einsof officers.
7) Mion (Einsof officer) and Dan (I.N.K. officer) both thought that a good way to end the hostilities is by having both sides make a public apology.
8) Note, however, that this remained as a mere thought. This was NOT an official agreement between an Einsof representative and an I.N.K. representative.
8) The I.N.K. GL told Dan to not agree to such an agreement. A vote inside I.N.K. also showed that their members also felt like they should not have to apologize, because they didn't start it.
9) Dan (I.N.K. officer) asked Mion, "so, would you guys apologize first?"
10) Mion (Einsof officer) misunderstood that question to imply that I.N.K. had agreed to the public mutual apology, and therefore asked Mero to apologize.
11) Mero apologized.
12) No one from I.N.K. apologized. Rather, they felt that it was insufficient; they wanted an official apology from an official Einsof representative, because all the PKing had elevated the gravity of the incident beyond that of a personal issue involving only Mero on the Einsof side.
13) Under the impression that I.N.K. had failed to apologize after promising to do so, and were even demanding something greater, Einzo became very angry.
14) Einzo presented I.N.K. with two options: "Forget about this incident since nobody was there to witness what actually took place and we can remain neutral with each other.", and "Have a war."
15) Still feeling slighted, I.N.K. was unable to accept the 1st option; therefore, they posted on world chat that Einsof is now on their KOS list.
16) In response, Einzo also declared I.N.K. to be KOS for Einsof members.
17) Complete war.

This is the sequence of events, as far as I can understand. The result was only because of a few misunderstandings, mostly on our side. Let's not play the blame game, ok? Everyone in the story acted in the way they thought was best for the guild, but they did not possess all the information, leading to decisions that turned out to not go very well. That's all that happened.

Therefore, it is my decision as the GL that we will do the official public apology. In the time being (and after the apology too, of course) NOBODY is to attack I.N.K. members. IF you are first attacked, retaliate, AND ALSO TAKE A SCREENSHOT, noting down who it was that attacked you.

"Consequences: Einzo has offered to retire from Jiang Hu and let Konoka take over the reins of Einsof Guild in Age of Wushu, in order to prevent any clash of views for the Guild in future. Also to convince Konoka stay in Einsof after Konoka said that he wants to leave Einsof, as he saw the effort Konoka put in for the Guild and believes that Konoka can bring the Guild further. For the better of the Guild and the Guild members". Edited to rephrase it properly - Einzo.

On the other hand, allow me to officially announce the official officers: gaelyoh, Mion, and Wu-ming and the official assistant officers: Phyllisgal, WangCongYang and Zhan.Zhao. They are the official representatives of AoW Einsof. Edited again (You missed out the assistant officers) - Einzo.

One last thing I want to say. As GL of AoW Einsof, I value peace and harmonic relationships much higher over demand of justice over perceived slights. If a mere apology is enough to solve everything, I'd be glad to do it. However, if after reviewing all evidence I feel that we have truly earned ourselves an enemy, I would not hesitate to declare war on them. We must be slow to anger, but terrible in our wrath.

Apparently, the system won't allow us to take them off our list of enemies for 14 days. We will do that as soon as OBT starts. In the meantime, note that even though they are on our list of enemies, THEY ARE NOT TO BE ATTACKED. Kidnapping is still fine though :P In other words, we have returned to previous relationship with I.N.K. If you are PKed by an I.N.K. member, TAKE SCREENSHOT of the fight, and include their name. Otherwise, we cannot report it to I.N.K. officers. Stay sharp, stay careful, stay peaceful =)

I feel that there is no more need to discuss this issue any further. Any further discussion would only serve to point fingers and shift blame around, which is not useful nor is it healthy. I hereby announce the close of this incident.

That is all I have to say about this. Thank you everyone for being fired up and passionate about Einsof! Love you all ^^

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