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Food Basket / Breakfast..
« on: June 09, 2013, 02:01:24 AM »
Hmm..breakfast..The most important meal of the day..A meal I can guarantee 70% of us don't have on a regular basis...
We all know breakfast normally has to be high in calories,beacouse even if you are on a diet,and you decide to skip breakfast,you're body will start "consuimng" proteins and lipids(the good fats),and instead of loosing the excess fat,you will be burning ur muscle mass...
The point is you have got to have breakfast...
Instead of a normal Sandwich/Cereal or something,if you have the time..or on a good saturday morning you should try this recipe:
You will need:
-1 or 2 Tortillias(the big ones)
-1 or 2 Eggs(it depends on how big are you and how much you will eat)
-Three slices of cheese
-Some bacon/smoked meat(I am muslim so I don't eat bacon,but smoked meat does the job well for me)
-3 Sausages(I like em spicy)
-Some salads like Tomatoes,Spinach,Green Salad or something,depends on what you like

This dish is a no brainer..It's easy as pie,but quite rewarding..
The trick is to replace some high in fat foods with some good fat/low carb ones(like replacing bread with tortillias)..
Cut the sausages into this circles,so that you can fry them extra crispy on the pan...Bacon is bacon,you fry it as you like...You can/should fry them before the eggs if u like it crispy
The first thing you do is break the eggs and spice em up..Nothing too fancy..I just put some salt and pepper...Chilli sometimes but thats it...As the eggs are getting done,put the cheese on them,so it will melt..As the eggs are getting nearer to completion,put the sausages and eggs so that they can pass of their "taste on to the eggs...
The tortillia doesnt need some extra handling..You can put spinach before adding the egg's...The trick with the tomatoes is to cut them into little cubes/pieces/strips,and you put the tomatoes with the eggs/bacon and sausages...
After you put the main ingridient in the tortillia,you should normally put it in the toaster,or on the pan(if you ain't got a toaster) so it gets a little crispy...
You can put ketchup/mayo/cream if you like...

Bone Apetitte...

New members! Introduce yourselves here! / 'Ello
« on: June 09, 2013, 01:41:25 AM »
Hello guys..I'm new here(like the forum tab says)..
My name is Admir and I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina...I'm 16 years old (lol) :D...Currently going to "Medical High School" in my home town of Tuzla...Besides that I've been playing basketball for 7 years,playing as a power forward(6 ft 5 tall),and im a junior FIBA referee...I also play aaa lot of computer games,my fave being Dota,Stronghold,and almost all Zombie games(I like em horror survivals)..Ever since I watched the movie Resident Evil I've been praying for a Zombie Apocalpyse (looool)...I'm one of the "old scool" gamers,cuz I started playing games like TOCA 2 and F1 2001 (yup when I was 4)...I joined EoG mostly cuz of Warframe,but I will now start playing Dota 2 as a clan member(hopefully)..I know I've got some big shoes to fill but that shouldnt be a problem considering I wear a 47 european/12.5 American size shoes xD...As for music I listen to almost everything including Rock,Metal,Reggae,Hip Hop(80's and 90's hip hop such as Run DMC,2Pac etc(Gangsta' Rap included)).Favourite actor's are Jim Carrey,Eddie Murphy,Martin Lawrence,Eddie Griffin..

I think thats enough of an introduction to get a basic picture of me...

DOTA 2 / Re: Dota 2 keys
« on: June 09, 2013, 01:27:14 AM »
If anyone needs Dota 2 keys,feel free to ask..I have at least 15 that I want to give.

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