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FFXIV: A Realm Reborn / Rexcale Awkward Moments in FFXIV ARR LIFE
« on: November 01, 2013, 11:26:28 PM »


The reason why you want to stand between the orange and red color tiles is so that you will not step on to any one of em whenever they start glowing, because in phase 5 all you want to do is tank and spank and let your DPS to focus on the boss. No slugs are needed to be spawn anymore THANK GAWD[/size]

[Phase 5] - Tank And Spank And Pray You Will Not Die

Now we are at the last phase, all you want to do is to dodge the glowing tiles and to stay in the same position as long as possible so the snake AOE will not hit the healers and DPS. Also you want to start popping your defense skills when the stack on the snake is at 2. Use your weakest defense skills and gradually use the stronger ones once the stack gets higher, for example stack 2 - rampart stack 4- Sentinel, stack 5- Hallow Ground

**PS** Tell your DPS to focus the main boss until Its Hp reaches to this:

Then switch over to the snake you are tanking and let your DPS to Kill it, Remember to use Limit breaker level 2 Once it is available do not keep it, TELL YOUR DRAGOON OR MONK TO USE IT FOR OVER 9000 DMG


FUK U   .!.

PEACE - Rexcale Chewy

[Phase 3] - How To Feed Your Pet Snake

To feed the snake, what you want to do is to run in the middle of the boss so that you will not get hit from the snake from the front side and at the back side, since both side will deal AOE damage therefore feeding from the side will let you avoid these AOE damage as much as possible as shown below:

*PS Run through the middle of the boss so the slug will follow you, dont just stand at the side. If the boss is a circle shape as shown from the picture above, you want to go through the circle and come out from the other side. But take note not to run too far apart from the slug or else it will explode*

[Phase 4] - Getting Ready To Taunt The 2nd Snake

After repeating phase 2-3 for two to three times, the snake will start to split apart. So as an off-tank what you want to do is stand behind the boss before he start splitting so you will be ready to taunt the 2nd boss once it appears as shown below

What you want to do to is to grab as much hate as possible by spamming your SHIELD LOB and PROVOKE until you are in the right position. This is where you want to take the snake to:

The black Dot represent the Off-tank position and the Red Dot represent the Main tank position during the phase 4 period


As you can see the slug will spawn after the tiles stop glowing, you have about 15-20 seconds to get to one of the glowing tiles before the time runs out. After that a slug will spawn, as tank what you want to do is to use PROVOKE and SHIELD LOB to get threat, then start kitting the slug to the boss. Do remember not to feed the slug to the boss if the slug has more than 30% health, since the snake will restore its health based on the slug health, so the lower the slug health it is the lower the snake will recover from the snake. DO REMEMBER TO NOT LET YOUR DPS TO KILL THE FUKING SLUG OR ELSE GET READY TO TAKE SOME HEAVY AOE DAMAGE WIPING YOUR WHOLE FUKING PARTY 

This is how far the distance you want to be between you and the slug. If you go any further the slug will explode!! So pay attention to how far you are kitting the slug. Since you are a tank it will not hurt you much to take some hits from the slug as it will only deal roughly around 400-600 damage per attack.  So if I were you I will take the hit like a MAN *PS: Pop Rampart to reduce more damage if you want*

[Be warned this is an advance guide on how to tank Coil of Bahamaut 1st boss, and will not cover the basic mechanics of the boss itself]


Hi this is Rexcale again brining you guys another guide on how to tank like a Baus. First of all, thanks guys and sexy ladies for the positive comments on my guide and glad I can help other new tanks to improve and get better on their end-game content. Well after getting the feel outta way, Lets get started on how to tank Coil Boss 1 Like a Baus.

Since I play the role as an Off-Tank for my CoB team, this guide will be covering how to handle your shit together in an off-tank perspective. To be honest main tanking this boss is fairly easy lol *joking* but off-tank must be abit more cautious of what to do since we have several phases which I will be covering right down below:

[Phase 1] – Stand On Your Ground

Before the fight begins here is where you want to stand:

*Black dot represent the off tank where you want to stand*

*From your perspective*

The reason why you want to stand here is so that you can reach to any tiles whenever it glows to spawn the dirty ass slug. If you look back at the mini map on the top, you can see the pattern. There are three different patterns on how the tiles will lit up. If you were to stand on the blue tiles then reaching the darker blue tiles will be a pain since you have to run up. However if you were to stand on the darker blue tiles as shown on the map, all you have to do is just fall down and right straight to the tiles that are glowing, with ease since the darker blue tiles are higher than the rest of the tiles IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU RUN BACK UP TO YOUR ORIGINAL POSITION AFTER FEEDING THE SLUGS TO THE SNAKE

[Phase 2] - Taking Your Slug For A Walk In The Park

This phase is fairly simple what you want to do is step on to the glowing tile on time

[When to use Defense Cool Down to reduce damage taken from Mountain Buster]


*After he cast his Flashy Skill when his heart is down*


*When casting Landslide During Bomb Phase*

*When casting another Landslide*

-Repeat Number 2 and 3 and you will be good to go

-OK SO LISTEN UP NOW IS TIME TO USE UR BRAIN Not ONLY DO YOU HAVE TO MEMORIZE WHEN IS HIS NEXT MOUNTAIN BUSTER BUT ALSO WHAT DEFENSE COOL DOWN TO USE SO Jot This down *Since Mountain Buster Hits for 3K+ if no defense skill is used, 2k+ if defense skill used*

[Defense Skill Rotation]

1) Rotation = 1) Rampart, 2) Urber Defense, 3) None

2) Rotation = 2) Hallow Ground, 3) None

3) Rotation = 2) Urber Defense, 3) Rampart

4) Rotation = 2) Bulwark, 3) Rampart or Urber Defense whichever can be used

5) Rotation = 2) Rampart or Urber Defense whichever can be used, 3) None

6) Rotation = 2) Sentinel, 3) Rampart or Urber Defense whichever can be used

and So On

These Skill Orders are subject to change, use any which you are comfortable with but ONLY ONLY use one of them each time, do not pop two or more for each Mountain Buster





Phase 5:

Congratulation you are at the FINAL and Probably the Hardest Part for tanks… NOT. Seriously this is probably the easiest part for us and I will tell you why.

[Tank Position]

This is where you want to fuking stand right next to a small square box. How to find this spot? At phase 4 during the heart phase try to use some time to move around the right side of the map not too much while facing north, along the edge you will see a tiny tiny FUKING TINY square box and to its left side is another square box on the surface, this is where you want to stand. Next to the bigger square block at the right side, stand close but not too close around 2-3 steps away to the side but further away from the small box. Once you get a hang of it, I am gona tell you a secret

*Rexcale whispers* YOU WILL FUKING NEVER HAVE TO MOVE AN INCH AGAIN  FROM NOW OWNWARD, DON’T TELL ME HOW AND WHY JUST FOLLOW. To be honest this special spot is SOOO GOD DAMN OVERPOWERED I AM SCARED SE WILL NERF IT SOON. I normally laugh looking at others running like headless chickens during the bomb phase when all we do as tanks is just sit and spank. God DAMN IT’S THE PRIVILEGE THAT WE GET FOR PLAYING A CLASS THAT NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY
PS: You will Never get hit by bombs again excluding clock shape bombs, but cross and 3 rows bombs will never be able to reach you

Now that we have learnt how to position ourself for the last phase it is time to learn about the last part of this guide HOW TO FUKING USE OUR DEFENSE SKILLS SMARTLY

Phase 4:

[Offensive Utility - Going Wild] = Use Once.

[Defense Utility - Rampart] = Use Once

[Tanking position]

No Bombs in this phase so just tank and spank

Phase 4 is a DPS check to see if the group can down the heart within 70 seconds. It is recommend that Paladins SHOULD USE YOUR SWORD OATH ONCE TITAN LANDS AND POP OFFENSIVE AND DEFENSE UTILITY AT THE SAME TIME. This will help PLD to deal as much damage as possible while reducing as much damage being taken. Also USE ALL YOUR INSTANT DAMAGE SPELL i.e SPIRIT WITHIN and CIRCLE OF SCORN. If your group has more then 2 relics than keep shield oath

*Important* Once your Rampart buff is gone change back to Shield Oath while dealing as much damage as possible.  Other then that pray your group can down the heart on time

[Tanking Position 2]

size=12pt][Tank point of view position] [/size]

As you can see there is plenty of space for you to tank and not get hit by bomb during the Cross bomb phase. After the Cross bomb phase it will be another clock bomb phase so just re-position yourself as shown in the first picture. Besides changing position everything is a breeze just tank and spank.

*Important* SAVE UP YOUR NEXT OFFENSIVE UTILITIES FOR HEART PHASE and Circle of Storm as well as Spirit Within after the 2nd bomb phase is over so you have enough Damage for heart phase

Phase 3:

Now is time to move your lazy ass as you have to switch to different positions for each bomb phase

[Offensive Utility - Going Wild] = Use Once

[Defense Utility - Rampart] = Use Once

[Tanking position]

[Tank point of view position]

As you can see the tank moves as close to the edge as possible during the clock bomb phase. Keep in mind you must stand between the two bombs so once it explodes the bombs will not hurt you. 

Hi, I am Rexcale Chewy. A level 50 Paladin known for being the most handsome tank in FC *winks at Mion*. But this guide isn’t about how to become as sexy as me but how to tank this fat rock granny A.K.A. Titan like a BOSS so lets lets go.


Before tanking this muthafuking Titan we need to prepare ourselves with some elite macros to make tanking as easy as possible. Why? Because we as tanks are fuking lazy and we like to boast how hard it is to play as a tank when all we do is spam one key and let the others do the rest.

1)       “Going Wild” – Pure offensive utility
          /macroicon "Bloodbath"
          /ac "Bloodbath" <me>
          /ac "Fight or Flight" <me>
          *This allows you to use two offensive utilities in one button for greater dps and extra heal*

2)   â€œ    Urber Defense” – Pure defense utility
           /macroicon "Convalescence"
           /ac "Convalescence" <me>
           /ac "Foresight" <me>
           /ac "Awareness" <me>
*This spell not only allows you to increase defense but also increase healing effect and reduce critical*

Now you that you have your elite macros I can finally start talking about how to tank this fat a$$hole titan so lets go lets go

Starting Phase:
Mion said: “Omg why so many tanks cannot hold titan agro at the start.”
Handsome Rexcale said: “Because they are not as handsome as me of course:

Of course being handsome has its perk but for those who are not as handsome as me don’t worry Rexcale is here to teach you how to instant get over 9000 hate

[Skill order]
(Shield lob)- ->(Provoke)- ->(Flash)- ->(Circle of Scorn)- ->(Spirits Within)

*By using all your instant cast you can create a lot of hate in a short period of time*

Mion said “Why use flash?”
Handsome Rexcale said “Because you wana flash your sexy Abs to everyone.”

*But seriously flash can give you a chance to dodge titan attacks so noob healers can heal your hp in time*

Phase 1:

[Offensive Utility - Going Wild] = Use once

[Defense Utility - Rampart] = None

[Tanking position]

*Black Dot = Tank, Red Dot = Titan*
Phase 1 is fairly easy for tanks just tank and spank, chill out eat dinner or watch a movie until phase 1 is over

Phase 2:

*Important* When each phase is over and the titan falls back down ALWAYS ALWAYS USE THIS SKILL ORDER TO GET BACK AGGRO. DO NOT EVER USE PROVOKE AGAIN unless it is the next phase for you to get back aggro once titan jumps and falls back. This is to ensure your hate is always at the top

[Skill order]

(Shield lob)- ->(Provoke)

[Offensive Utility - Going Wild] = Use None

[Defense Utility - Rampart] = Use Once

[Tanking position]

Phase 2 is same as phase 1, fairly easy for tanks just tank and spank, chill out eat dinner or watch a movie until phase 2 is over

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn / Re: Titan [HM] Event
« on: October 03, 2013, 10:28:53 PM »
IGN: Rexcale Chewy
Role: Noob Paladin

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn / Macro queing Guide
« on: September 03, 2013, 07:22:39 PM »
For those who has a numpad on their keyboard go to:

1) Download the program
2)Make a new file with a name that must end with (.ahk) look at tutorial
3)With a blank script type in :

SetTimer, PressTheKey, 1500

Send, {NumPad0}

4)Click on the login screen with your selected character, run script and the computer will auto click numpad 0
5) you can set the timer to make it longer, i recommend 1500, but you can make it faster or even slower  *lower number is faster spamming and vise versa*
6) Happy queing

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