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Monster Hunter Online / Translated patch notes for 12 Jan 2016 update
« on: January 11, 2016, 06:56:56 PM »
Patch notes for upcoming update happening 2am tuesday GMT+8:

High-grade recipe changes:
- Paw coins are no longer restricted to guild shop/team trials. They can now be obtained from HR hunts, arena, cat quests.

- High-grade recipe shop no longer shared by all players in server, however, the reset cooldown has been increased to 1week. You can force reset the recipes using 300 premium currency.(doesn't seem to say that freemium currency is allowed to be used)

High grade recipe shop changes unconfirmed, fuzzy details, reset CD and server shared status not confirmed. The only confirmed details are the 300 premium currency to reset shop. Might still be server wide shop.

Menu changes:
- VIPs can now redeem their giftbags directly from a button in bottom menu instead of opening cash shop.

Preparing for gunlance introduction:
- Gunlance talent coins will have temporary increased drop rate to welcome the arrival of gunlance.

- Hammer increased chance of knockout, slightly reduced damage.
- Hunting horn's immune all status song no longer provides immunity to roar, wind pressure, earthquake, flash. (rationale being make the other horns more relevant according to the devs) [I think this makes shattered monoblos and estre horns shit though]
- Hunting horn's bug fix.

Hunting changes:
- Creatures no longer fall down from the sky when flying due to paralysis effect.
- Usage of dung bomb to make creatures fly away will make them immune to all status effects so that dung bomb-> flash strategy is no longer able to cheese.
-Fixed bug where one-eared yian garuga's head was not breaking.

Arena changes:
- Instead of daily 2 runs up to 3 with usage of arena coin. It is now a weekly limit of 14 runs up to 21 with usage of 7 arena coins.

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