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Age Of Wushu / Wanderer's Valley Promotion Thread :)
« on: January 09, 2013, 11:40:55 AM »
Wanderer’s Valley Guide

Aim: To promote Wanderer’s Valley  as a sect of choice and populate the school ground :D

1.  Description
-. One of the two evil sects in the game.
-. The lowest amount regulations of all sects, you are only not allowed to kill fellow Wanderers
-. Huge DPS, especially the 3rd skill set Perish Blade. I’d argue it’s the highest in game right now as you can easily hit 700-800 AoE on 8 sec cd, 500-600 on 6 sec cd and maybe another 400-500 AoE on 2 sec cd
-. Very versatile in type of damage. You got both internal and external damage and Taiji internal skill means you get bonus on every skill
-. Squishiest sect in the game
-. The skill sets all have high risk attached to them, will get into detail later
-. Lowest population in game, means it might be hard for School event

2. Skill sets
Bone-Corrosion Palm
Your 2nd skill set. Focus on AoE damage and control and of course poison. All of the skills come attached with poison hence very high base. The drawback is there is little burst and you need to draw out the battle for the poison to take effect. Style is more close to mid range.
You are also basically dependent on whether you can land Heart Biting and Bone Piercing or not as it is probably 50-60% of your DPS in this tree. Another drawback for this set is due to nature of poison having no scaling (aside from level of skills), this skill does not really scale much with the low scaling. Not to mention palm style receive no weapon bonus.
PVE wise this skill set is great.

Poison effect of this tree is reduced by higher spirit. This is tested as increasing my spirit by 6 increase poison damage by 1. Currently I'm not sure how internal and external defense works though.

Poison Fist

Base damage: 34 at lvl 1
Amplification: 30% Breath
CD: 2 sec
Increase the effect of poison generally by around 12 dot for lvl 5 of other poison skills. Increasing the level only increase initial damage (crap damage) hence this skill is on very low priority :(

Blood Stops in Seven Steps

Base damage: 64 at lvl 1(?), 180 at lvl 5
Amplifcation: 30% Breath
CD: 6 sec
Range: 3 meters
Gap closer, can be used with flying skills. This skill will apply poison without condition (at level 5 it is 37/sec). If the target has at least 5 stacks (for lvl 1 skill) or 3 stacks (for lvl 5 skill) of Eroding Bone Heart, it will also apply 7 sec debuff that increasingly slow the enemy and at the end of duration will stumble + deal additional damage. It is thus suggested to level this skill 2nd or 3rd after Heart Biting and Bone Piercing.

Poisonous Bone Corrosion Palm

Base Damage: 23 at lvl 1
Amplification: 30% Breath
CD: 2 sec
Feint skill. Breaking parry will apply internal poison on enemy (1% of enemy's max internal per sec). Enemy also take health damage when they use skill. Increase in level only increase the initial damage, so don't ever level this skill.

Eroding Bone Heart

Max Stacks: 5 at lvl 1
CD: 1 sec
Successful parry apply poison stacks on enemy. 1 stack = 2 dot/sec. Increasing level only increase maximum stacks. Don't level this skill.

Penetrating Poison Fog

Base Damage: 29/sec at lvl 1, 80/sec at lvl 5
CD: 10 sec
Rage: 50
3 waves of AoE poison. Slow casting and just ok damage. Not that great in PVP but good in PVE.

Heart Biting and Bone Piercing

Base Damage: 29/sec at lvl 1, 80/sec at lvl 5
CD: 20 sec at lvl 1, 12 sec at lvl 5
Duration: 10 sec
Range: 15m
Apply poison AoE to a target area. Enemy inside the poison will take DoT, but leaving the area will stun the enemy. The start up of the skill is quite long, so need to be careful as enemy can just dash out before the poison effect starts. This skill needs to be maxed first as it has great scaling, cooldown reduction on level increase, and Bone Corrosion Palm style is highly dependent on this skill.

Sound of the Breaking Bones

Base Damage: 64 at lvl 1 (?), 180 at lvl 5
Amplification: 25% Breath
CD: 8 sec
Range: 20 meters
Long range targeted skill.
If the target is airborne, it will ground the target and apply debuff Fractured Bones. Fractured Bones slow the enemy and if they try to fly, they will take DoT damage (at lvl 5 it is 93/sec). Second casting of this skill seems to only refresh the slow debuff as the slow debuff has very short duration (around 5 seconds), while the flying debuff actually last rather long. The DoT damage scale with skill level, so this skill is suggested to be maxed 2nd or 3rd after Heart Biting and Boner Piercing and maybe Blood Stops in Seven Steps.

To do list:

-. Testing on Wind Chasing Blade and Perish Blade, since I’m mainly using Bone Corrosion Palm for both PvE and PvP
-. Update on Internal Skills

Thank to people who has become my testing specimen, specifically PoohBoy, First and Mero :D

Age Of Wushu / AoW CB2 no rollback?
« on: December 14, 2012, 12:47:06 AM »
Just saw at their website http://www.ageofwushu.com/account/signup/
Means must choose well what class to use.
Anyone has tried Wanderer Valley before?
Now can't try anymore :(

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