Guild Wars 2

Official Website:
Publisher: NCsoft
Developer: ArenaNet
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release Date: 2012

Guild Information

Guild Name: Einsof
Guild Tag: [EsF]
Guild Branch Name: Aynsof
Guild Branch Tag: [AsF]
Guild Main Base: Singapore
Guild Region: Global International
Guild Language: English
Guild Server: Crystal Desert
Guild Status: Inactive



Guild Status

We already have about 660+ members in the Guild and numbers are growing everyday! We will be reigning from different countries: SG, HK, MY, AU, EU, US, NZ and more! Doesn't matter where we come from, we will be One in the same Guild!

We have officers for WvW and PvX. Both Hardcore and Casual players are welcome. You may switch to hardcore when you have more free time and switch to casual when you have many real life commitments. Our Guild also has family men with kids, adults who are settling down, guys in NS, reservists and people who won't be playing much due to work or study, etc. We welcome all of them. So if you or your friends belong to one of these categories, no worries, we will be more happy to welcome all of you. What's most important is to gather everyone and have fun together in a big, active and helpful Guild.

We are always actively recruiting! Come join us with your family and friends! :)

Guild Objectives and Structure

1) To be the most awesome Guild around for it's members.

2) The First Singapore-based Guild founded on Crystal Desert.

3) The Guild that made Crystal Desert become the 'Singapore Server'.

4) An organized Guild with proper website, forums, voice chat program and much more!

5) An Active Guild that is online 24/7. You will never be alone when you log on, there will always be someone there for you!

6) Fully upgraded Guild with Global Guild buffs running 24/7 with maximum Global Guild buffs on weekends.

7) Guild banner buffs 7 days a week.

Guild Events, WvW and Buffs

In addition to the Global Guild buffs, Guild banners will be activated on Mon to Tue in Lion's Arch, Wed to Sun in Guild's WvW BG, at 8PM GMT+8.

Difference between Guild banner and Global Guild buffs

Guild banner:
- Buffs only last for 30 minutes.
- Guild members have to make their way to where the Guild banner is placed in order to get the buffs.

Global Guild buff:
- Buffs last for a whole day.
- Guild members automatically have the Guild buff on them whenever they are online in Guild, regardless of their location.

How to check for Global Guild buffs: Hover your cursor over the top left of your User Interface (UI), on the 'Shield' icon.

Guild Council

Guild Founder

Guild Hierarchy

Leader: Guild Founder, in charge of overall Guild issues.

Senior Officer: Officers in charge of more complex Guild issues.

Officer: Officers in charge of general Guild issues.

Core Member: Regular members who represent the Guild at all times, been with the Guild for a decent period of time and log in to Raidcall upon going online.

Member: Regular members who represent the Guild at all times.

Initiate: New members.

Lurker: Members who are not representing the Guild. Members in this rank will be booted off the Guild if they are caught not representing the Guild the second time.

Inactive: Members who are inactive and have not informed us that they will be inactive. Members in this rank will be booted off the Guild if they do not inform us that they will be inactive after being marked as inactive for 2 days.

Guild hierarchy will be constantly improved. Everyone will be promoted and demoted accordingly, depending on their actions. Do NOT contact any officers and request for a promotion. We will promote people accordingly.

Guild Joining Procedure

After you have submitted your Guild application, we will send you an invite to the Guild. If you did not manage to get an invite, you may join the Guild by doing either one of the following methods:

1. PM Einzo or any of the officers in game for invite.
2. Post your User ID/ IGN here:,4.0.html
3. Find us on Raidcall.

Remember to press 'G' > Accept Invite > Represent.

Guild Rules

1. Do NOT start/ bring any drama into the Guild.

2. Do NOT start a fight/ quarrel among each other in the Guild, bring it to Private Message (PM). If it still cannot be solved, bring the matter up to the Guild officers.

3. Be responsible for your own actions.

4. Be considerate to the Guild members.

5. Help each other in the Guild whenever possible.

6. Respect your Guild members.

7. NO elitist attitude regardless of your past achievements in other games.

8. It is every Guild members' responsibility to stay updated with the Guild. We are not responsible for your cluelessness if you do not make an effort to stay updated with us.

9. Guild Wars 2 has a multiple Guild feature which allows people to join more than one Guild but can only represent one at a time. Representing a Guild will contribute to Guild Influence. Guild Influence is very important and crucial for the Guild. Guild Influence is used for Guild WvW, PvX and Guild Benefits for it's members. We allow members to join more than one Guild but it is REQUIRED for members to represent Einsof Gaming Guild at all times. This is required in order to be fair to members who represent the Guild at all times. When you are not representing the Guild, you are not contributing any influence to the Guild. Guild officers will keep a close watch on members who are not representing the Guild, and these members MAY be booted out of the Guild without warning. More info on Guild Influence:

10. PLEASE READ THIS: Members always make this common mistake or forget to do. Your alternate/ new/ 2nd/ 3rd/ 4th/ 5th/ etc character will automatically be in the Guild but it will be defaulted to "NOT representing Guild". Please ensure that you change it to "representing". If you happen to not automatically be in the Guild for your alternate/ new character, you may PM the officers for an invite.

11. If you will not be online for a period of time due to certain circumstances, please post it here:,3.0.html to let us know, so that your Guild slot will be preserved.

12. Enjoy the game, enjoy the stay in the Guild and make it a happy and comfortable place for everyone in the Guild.

How to Check if You are Representing the Guild

A dash across the green square beside your name means you are not representing the Guild.
NO dash across the green square beside your name means you are representing the Guild.

Guild Contribution/ Donation

It costs in-game currency to increase the Guild size and to purchase siege weapons/ blueprints in WvW. It will be much appreciated if Guild members are willing to contribute/ donate for the Guild's progression. There will be no obligations, all Guild members are free to donate if they wish, and any amount they are comfortable with. The Guild bank is up and can be accessed from the starting towns or any major cities.

More info on the Guild system and costs to increase the Guild size:
More info on costs of WvW blueprints, etc:

Guild Support System

Purpose of Einsof Gaming Guild Wars 2 Guild Support System is to make it easier for members to contact us and also to make it easier for people who are interested in the Guild to contact us. We believe that communication is important.

What is Covered:

1. General Guild inquiries.
2. Guild feedbacks and suggestions.
3. People who still need Guild invitation.
4. Report members who violated the Guild rules/ harassment/ etc. *
5. Guild Appeal. **

Stay Updated With The Guild

It is every Guild members' responsibility to stay updated with the Guild's news and updates. We pretty much can be found on most social media, besides our own website and forums.

Join The Guild Council

We are looking for talented and experienced players who are willing to commit their best in assisting the Guild and bring it to greater heights! If you have what it takes, you may apply to join our Guild Council.


1. Join the Guild with the steps listed above.

2. Click Here To Apply For The Guild Council

You will be placed under probation for a week to see if you have what it takes to join our Guild Council. Once you have been successfully promoted, you will be rewarded with a few items.

Item 1. Your personalized Einsof Gaming email. Example:

Item 2. Your personalized Einsof Gaming eNamecard, including business card format for you to print.

More items will be revealed in time to come. Plans for "Outstanding Officer Award" which will reward the officer who have assisted the Guild well are also in the works.

Successful Promotion

Once you are successfully promoted and appointed as officer in the Guild Council, you are required to log in to RaidCall upon going online. This is for communication purpose - to be the first in the know of Guild updates, events, status, etc. Communication among the officers in the Guild Council is extremely important. You will be given one chance before you are stripped off your officer rank in the Guild Council if you do not log in to RaidCall upon going online or no longer active on RaidCall, unless you have a very good reason, for example: your computer broke down. All you need to do is click 2 buttons to log in RaidCall, so I believe there is no such excuse as "it is very difficult to log in RaidCall". You may email to if you have any problems with RaidCall.

Basic Officer Roles
(Applies to ALL officers)

- Guild Recruitment: Recruit players with potential to the Guild.
- Guild Maintenance: Guild housekeeping, keep dramas out of the Guild, etc.
- Guild Events: Assist in hosting Guild Events.

Chosen Officer Roles
(Choose to lead in the WvW/ PvP/ PvE category when you apply for Guild Council)

Know your chosen category well and lead with your expertise and experience.

World vs World

Compulsory Requirement

Members who wish to do Guild WvW are REQUIRED to log on to Raidcall. Group ID: 3540514. Download Raidcall at


1. All members participating in Guild WvW are encouraged to bring in at least 1 Siege Weapon.

2. No party is allowed to solo on their own and do their own things. Follow your Team Commanding Officer and work as a Team.

3. All members are to keep silent at all times and listen to the Team Commanding Officer. Speak only when necessary. For Example: You sensed something amiss, ambush, etc. This is to keep things in order. Too many people speaking at the same time will create a huge mess.

4. Speak with a clear direction. Example: Team A to Destination Z. Do NOT say "My Team to Destination Z". Every team and Party are assigned identities for a reason. This is to avoid confusion.

5. Strictly NO Blame Game. Regardless of win or lose, no pointing of fingers.


Each Team will consist of a few parties, depending on the amount of people online. WvW Officers have to take note of the amount of parties in their team and assign each party an identity for easier communication. Example: Party 1, 2, 3...

Role of each Team will be assigned on the day of WvW itself. Example: Team Alpha in charge of Attack, Team Beta in charge of Defence and Team Charlie in charge of Scout/ Flank.


Einsof Gaming GW2 Door Hanger (Front)

Einsof Gaming GW2 Door Hanger (Back)