Einsof Gaming Guild Wars 2 Door Hanger and Guild Update

Enhance your Guild Wars 2 experience with Einsof Gaming Guild Wars 2 Door Hanger. There is also a field specifically made for you to sign your User ID! FREE for all to download. Actual print size can be downloaded at http://einsofgaming.com/gw2.

Guild Update

To date, we have received more than 250 Guild applications. Our server will still remain as Crystal Desert, BUT! Our main priority is the Guild Members. We will make sure our Guild members are all able to get on Crystal Desert. If someone in Guild is not able to get on Crystal Desert, we will transfer server. We are not leaving any Guild member behind. Transferring to other servers is FREE for a period of time during launch. Therefore, it is every Guild members' responsibility to stay updated with the Guild. If we need to transfer server, we will announce it on our Website, Facebook, Twitter, Raidcall and Forums. So please make the effort to stay updated with us! Thanks.

Guild Recruitment is still OPEN.
More info at http://einsofgaming.com/gw2.