GW2 Guild Update and Important News for Members

We are online and ready for Guild Wars 2. More Guild members are hopping on to our Raidcall and join us on our Adventure in this Epic game! About 130 of us are online in Raidcall now, with more joining in. We are still recruiting! Casual and Hardcore players are welcome. Apply for Guild at

Guild Server: Crystal Desert
Backup Server: Ferguson's Crossing

If any one of you and your friends are not able to get onto Crystal Desert, our backup server is Ferguson's Crossings. Go to Ferguson's Crossing and keep trying to transfer server to Crystal Desert. Best try during off peak hours. They will increase server cap gradually. FREE server transfer for a week or more. We have people who were in Ferguson's Crossings successfully transferred over to Crystal Desert, thus this is tested and proven!

You still can join the Guild, just that you will not be able to party or WvW with us. You can play with the rest of the guys in Ferguson's Crossings, that is why we have a backup server for this. Thank you.

Guild Joining Procedure

After you have submitted your Guild application, we will send you an invite to the Guild. If you did not manage to get an invite, you may join the Guild by doing either one of the following methods:

1. PM Einzo or any of the officers in game for invite.
2. Post your User ID/ IGN here:
3. Find us on Raidcall.

Remember to press 'G' > Accept Invite > Represent.