GW2 Guild Update and Important News for Members

We are online and ready for Guild Wars 2. More Guild members are hopping on to our Raidcall and join us on our Adventure in this Epic game! About 130 of us are online in Raidcall now, with more joining in. We are still recruiting! Casual and Hardcore players are welcome. Apply for Guild at

300 Guild Applications Received For Einsof Gaming GW2 Guild!

We have received 300 Guild applications for our Guild Wars 2 Guild. We have about 200 Guild slots left available for people who are interested to join the Guild. We are still recruiting! Casual and hardcore players are welcome! Apply for Guild at

Einsof Gaming Guild Wars 2 Door Hanger and Guild Update

Enhance your Guild Wars 2 experience with Einsof Gaming Guild Wars 2 Door Hanger. There is also a field specifically made for you to sign your User ID! FREE for all to download. Actual print size can be downloaded at

Guild Update

Guild Wars 2 Alliance

Einsof Gaming is honored to be invited by Aggroculture to join the Synergy Alliance. After months of discussions and plannings, the Alliance is now ready and Einsof Gaming is now officially part of the Synergy Alliance. We do not believe in having a Huge Alliance, but rather in a Solid Alliance with a decent number of Guilds who can work together and be a force to reckon with.

Borderlands 2 Steam Group and Loot Chest Pre Order

Unlimited Loot Chest Edition Pre Order

XBOX 360


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