Einsof Philosophy:

In Einsof, we aim to provide a drama-free environment, positive atmosphere and fun loving experience for our members. What matters to us most is that our members have fun gaming with us. We have a code of conduct for raiding for you to learn more about our raiding environment.

Einsof Raiding Code of Conduct:

Maturity: Must be able to handle slow progression, not prone to childish rage rants about not progressing as fast as other Guilds. We are not rushing nor aiming for world firsts/ server firsts. Let us enjoy the raiding process together as a Guild.

Patience: Be patient with everyone as we all go through the stages of learning new content, character optimization and general knowledge.

Optimism: Approach the game with a positive mindset. If something negative happens, do not ruin it for everyone by moaning about it. Instead, encourage everyone, learn from mistakes and work together as a Guild.

Help me Help you: If someone asks a question and you know the answer, share your knowledge. The better we all become, the better the experience for everyone. We aim to grow together as a Guild.

Participate: Get involved in the forums and hang out on Raidcall while you are playing! As a potential raider you're expected to maintain above 80% raid attendance.

Motivation: You're expected to keep yourself at the cutting edge of character progression with gear, etc. We shouldn't have to quiz you about your character/ class. It should be demonstrated that you're on top of your game.

Punctuality: Be ready at least 15 minutes before the raid starts. Don't let the rest of the raid team wait for you.

Responsibility: If you are not able to make it for the raid for some reason, inform us early and try to find a replacement. Remember, you are not alone, there are others in the raid team who make an effort to attend the raid.

Preparedness: Research and read up on any information you can find about the raid bosses, etc. A brief idea of what is going to happen is better than having no clue.

We will not be super hardcore on raiding but at least we got to be determined and motivated. We will use encouragement, patience, strategies, tactics, problem solving, learn from mistakes and team work, instead of the high and mighty, pressure and stress method of raiding. It is also about the process, not just loots. It will be a Guild effort. After all, a game is no longer a game when it is no longer fun but instead, a chore or a job. Our aim is to create a fun raiding experience and positive atmosphere for the Guild.

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