I am proud to announce that Einsof Gaming is now featured on RaidCall's Featured Recommended Group! You may now find us simply by logging into RaidCall and click 'Games'. Our Group ID is 3540514.

We are working hard to make Einsof Gaming become one of the Largest Solid Gaming Community! Come join us on our Epic Adventure as we work on achieving our Goal! is using RaidCall as the Main Base to stay connected with each other. Main method of Communication (Voice + Text chat) for Party, Guild, PVP, General Chit Chat, Gathering, Live Trading Market, Music Channels and more. Stay connected with us by creating a RaidCall account and download the program at

RaidCall is a VOIP software like Skype/ Ventrilo/ Mumble/ Teamspeak. RaidCall is like Skype and Ventrilo combined. It uses very little resources. Very user friendly and have many other features which other VOIP software do not offer.

One good example is, if you use Skype and wish to play music for others to hear, you need to play it through your microphone. RaidCall has a built in karaoke feature that allows you to play music through your hardware or software.

You may simply park in our RaidCall Group channel if you leave your computer on 24/7. RaidCall is totally FREE and easy to use!

Invite your Family and Friends and Join us on RaidCall today! :)

Once you join the group channel, apply for group membership (button is on the bottom left). If the admins are online, they will send you a group membership invite. :)